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Administrative Affairs

The Administrative Affairs Committee will deliberate and make recommendations to Council as well as serve as a liaison between faculty and the administration for dissemination and exchange of information on institutional strategic planning, operational budget planning and priorities, institutional management and effectiveness, performance appraisal of administrators, and other UTHealth wide administrative activities. The committee will monitor, and when appropriate, represent faculty interests in deliberations over UTHealth wide administrative policies and priorities.

Faculty Status, Rights and Responsibilities

The Faculty Status, Rights, and Responsibilities Committee will deliberate on issues of faculty status, rights and responsibilities, and when necessary, investigate instances of curtailment of faculty prerogatives, infringement of faculty rights, interference in the discharge of faculty responsibilities, and/or attenuation of faculty status and welfare in the UTHealth schools and will recommend measures to the Council, the President, and faculty governance organizations for their support, protection and restoration.

Governance and Academic Affairs

The Governance and Academic Affairs Committee will deliberate on issues of governance and academic affairs. From time to time, the committee will assess the scope of faculty responsibility over governance and academic matters in UTHealth and in each of the schools. When necessary, the committee will recommend to the President and the Council and/or individual school governance organizations that appropriate faculty-elected governance organizations be charged with assuming primary responsibility over designated areas that currently appear outside of their jurisdiction. The criteria for such assessment will be drawn from the UTHealth Statement on Governance. Academic matters that the committee will review will include educational goals, curricula and procedures of student instruction in each of the schools.