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Office of Technology Management


Office of Technology Management
University Center Tower (UCT)
7000 Fannin Street, Suite 720  
Houston, Texas 77030
Phone: (+1) 713-500-3369    
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Latest Technologies

"WAND-SEEKER" Chronic occlusion re-entry device

Background   In the reverse CART technique, a catheter and a wire are positioned on opposite sides of the coronary occlusion. Through different manipulation of the catheter and the wire, the wire is, ultimately, aligned with the tip of the antegrade catheter, crosses the occluded coronary segment, and gets “externalized” converting a CTO in a regular PCI. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to align and cross the retrograde wire into the antegrade catheter tip.   New Device Features   The new device and system can facilitate the alignment, crossing and ...

Salivary Proline Rich Peptide Decreases Growth of Cancer Cells

 Background:Carcinoma of the breast is the second most common type of cancer among women and despite improved early detection, diagnosis and aggressive treatment approaches, consisting of surgery, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy, carcinoma of the breast is still a great threat to human life. Currently, there is an incomplete knowledge of the molecular principles underlying the malignant progression as well as the development and maintenance of local recurrence and distant metastasis of this cancer type. There is also additional problems in rendering treatment of triple negative breast ca...

Discovery of Allosteric Non-Covalent KRAS Inhibitors

Activating mutations of KRAS are known to occur in about 25% of all human cancers. Currently, there are no drugs that can directly act on mutated KRAS to stop its cancer causing activities. As a result, KRAS-related cancers, which include some of the deadliest, such as pancreatic cancer, remain untreatable. Finding a direct inhibitor of KRAS remains a major challenge in the search for cancer therapy. Technology:Dr. Gorfe at the University of Texas Health Science Center Houston has used a structure based computational ligand design approach followed by biophysical and cell biological exper...

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Drs. Mukherji, Cooley team up to create Airway Armor™ 

Drs. Mukherji and Cooley from the UTHealth School of Dentistry at Houston have developed the Airway Armor™, a guard that keeps small objects from falling down a patient's throat during dental procedures. 

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NCATS STTR Funding Opportunities Open for Academic Researchers & Entrepreneur

The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) at the National Institutes of Health invites researchers at academic institutions to apply for Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)  support to commercialize innovations. The next application deadline is Sept. 5, 2018, 5:00 p.m. local time. STTR programs are one of the largest sources of early-stage technology financing in the U.S.

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