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Office of Technology Management


Office of Technology Management
University Center Tower (UCT)
7000 Fannin Street, Suite 720  
Houston, Texas 77030
Phone: (+1) 713-500-3369    
Fax: (+1) 713-500-0331

Latest Technologies

ebpABC gene deletion mutant TX5608 and E. faecalis strain OG1RF

Endocarditis and biofilm-associated pili (EbpABC) gene deletion of Enterococcus faecalis and WT parent bacteria OG1RF. See published research paper on these bacterial strains:  Research paper published:J Clin Invest. 2006 Oct;116(10):2799-807. Endocarditis and biofilm-associated pili of Enterococcus faecalis.Nallapareddy SR, Singh KV, Sillanpää J, Garsin DA, Höök M, Erlandsen SL, Murray BE.doi:10.1172/JCI29021

"WAND-SEEKER" Chronic occlusion re-entry device

BackgroundIn the reverse CART technique, a catheter and a wire are positioned on opposite sides of the coronary occlusion. Through different manipulation of the catheter and the wire, the wire is, ultimately, aligned with the tip of the antegrade catheter, crosses the occluded coronary segment, and gets “externalized” converting a CTO in a regular PCI. Unfortunately, it is not always straightforward to cross the retrograde wire into the antegrade catheter tip to externalize the retrograde wire as a mean to convert the re-CART in a conventional PCI.New Device FeaturesThe new de...

Multi-Functional Linking Agent for Imaging and Therapy

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL LINKING AGENT FOR IMAGING AND THERAPY Imaging technologies are uniquely positioned to enhance how localized and metastatic tumors are treated. In cases where surgery is indicated, a novel class of imaging agents which combine radioactive of fluorescent tags can be used to improve tumor visualization in real-time. When cancer has spread throughout the body, a cytotoxic compound can be combined with radioactive label to develop a “theranostic” method to see and treat disease. Tumor-specificity is critical to the success of these approaches and investigators at T...

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