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Committee For the Protection of Human Subjects

Department Review Process Frequently Asked Questions

Which protocols require departmental research review? 
All initial submissions from Medical School that require a CPHS full board review (not exempt or expedited) will require departmental research review. 

  • How can I determine whether my protocol is exempt or expedited?  
    The iRIS application will guide you in determining whether your protocol is exempt. Guidelines regarding expedited criteria have been added to the Determining Review Type panel in the iRIS application and can also be found on the  CPHS Expedited Review webpage.  You can also contact the CPHS office at 713-500-7943 for further clarification.
  • What outside peer review will be accepted in lieu of departmental review?  
    Protocols for grant applications that have already been reviewed and funded by NIH will not require departmental review. Do attach evidence of funding in lieu of the completed departmental research review form. 
  • Will my protocols submitted to Chesapeake require departmental review? 
    Yes, protocols going to Chesapeake IRB must also have departmental review.
  • Where can we find the Department Review Form?
    The review form and guidance documents can be found on the  CPHS Department Review webpage
  • How do I upload the form in iRIS?
    The departmental research review form should be attached in the Study Document sections in iRIS, under the Departmental Research Review category. The attachment process is the same as for any other study document.
  • Who in my department will perform the review ? 
    Each department has established its own procedure.  Please consult within your department to determine the appropriate process.  We are working on collating a list from all the departments and will make this list available on the website.
  • Can I modify my protocol in response to the peer review? 
    Yes, please highlight changes in a cover letter.
  • What if I disagree with the department peer review?  
    You may refute any statements  or conclusions in the departmental review and provide further justification in a cover letter to CPHS.  You may also take this opportunity to explain why modification to a particular protocol is not practical.

For other questions, please call us at 713-500-7943 or email us at

CPHS HELPLINE   713-500-7943
iRIS HELPLINE    713-500-7960
UTHealth’s Compliance Hotline (1-888-472-9868)

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