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Committee For the Protection of Human Subjects

Setting up a Guest Account

Setting up a Guest Account for access to iRIS for conducting research at UTHealth.

If you need a guest account for access to other UTHealth resources, more information can be found here: Guest Account Policy web page

Step 1 - Identify a sponsor. In order to apply for a guest account, an individual needs to be sponsored by someone who is an employee of UT-Houston. The "sponsor" is usually the faculty person with whom the "guest" has a research relationship. If there is no logical person to be the “sponsor,” potential guests working with human subjects should contact the IRB Director, Cynthia Edmonds at Potential guests working with  animals should contact the AWC Research Compliance Manager, Brid Nic Dhonnchadha at Guests need to submit the following information to the sponsor:  Guest Account Request Form.  The sponsor needs to enter the guest information here.

Step 2Security Awareness Training.  All guest users are now required to review the UTHealth Guest Information Security Awareness Information sheet located at (this link is also included on the Guest Account Policy web page). The training takes less than five (5) minutes.

Step 3 - Validate Identity.  If you have access to a notary, the following forms need to be completed and submitted to Barbara Legate at 7000 Fannin St., Suite 1870, Houston, TX 77030.  For faster service they can be emailed to her at

If you do NOT have access to a notary, you will need to be “validated” by signing the Information Resources Security Acknowledgement form in front of an authorized individual at UTHealth.  Barbara Legate can assist in this matter (713-500-3470 or or a list of other identity verification centers is available.

Step 4Forwarding emails from UTHealth to your personal email account.  If you were personally validated by someone other than Barbara Legate, contact her (713-500-3470 or to have your email forwarded to your personal email account.

General information about the Guest account process is located here:  Guest Account Policy web page

CPHS HELPLINE   713-500-7943
iRIS HELPLINE    713-500-7960
UTHealth’s Compliance Hotline (1-888-472-9868)

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