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Financial Literacy

The Office of Student Financial Services invites you to attend one or more of the following scheduled Financial Literacy sessions. These sessions were designed just for you. Learn and discuss how decisions you make today, can affect you many years after you graduate, especially the amount you borrow in student loans.  Additionally, you will get a closer look and deeper understanding of the importance of a budget, student loan management and strategies for finding the best repayment plan to fit your needs.  Short on time, then go directly to the video section to access various financial literacy topics.

Please remember that individual counseling is available and encouraged.  To schedule an individual session with a Financial Aid Counselor, please call the Financial Aid Office at 713-500-3860 or email us at

AAMC Videos and Webinars

Debt Management Session

Coffee Talk Tuesdays

Videos on Debt Management


AAMC Videos and Webinars (McGovern Students)

Medical students can watch videos and webinars to learn about paying for medical school, repaying student loans, and more.

Video and webinar topics include: paying for medical school, money management, cost of residency interviews, postponing loan repayment, selecting a student loan repayment plan, managing your loans during residency, and much more.


Debt Management Sessions

Personalized debt management sessions are available by contacting your designated financial aid counselor here.


Virtual Coffee Talks

All Coffee Talk videos are available on demand on our YouTube channel; AllAboutFinancialAid


Coffee Talks: Responsible Borrowing and Repayment (09-2020)

Learn about paying for school, responsible borrowing of student loans, budgeting, and designing an effective debt repayment strategy. The strategies discussed are useful for repayment of any type of debt, not just student loans. Using one of the repayment strategies discussed can save thousands of dollars in interest charges on your journey to becoming debt free! with Dr. John Mazzilli.

Coffee Talks: Consolidation and Refinancing (07-2020)

Learn about student loan consolidation and refinancing with Dr. John Mazzilli.

Federal Student Aid: Repayment - What to expect

Take a virtual tour on Federal Student Aid Repayment and learn what to expect.

Federal Student Aid: Student Loan Repayment Options

Take a virtual tour with Federal Student Aid and learn about student loan repayment options.