Application for Non-citizens who are classified as Texas residents

In 2001, Texas state legislature passed a bill (Senate Bill 1528 formerly House Bill 1403) allowing certain non-citizens classified as Texas residents, who are enrolled or will enroll in a Texas public college, the ability to apply for state aid through the TASFA application. Funds are offered based on a criteria and first-come, first-served basis due to limited fund availability. TASFA applications open on October 1st and the deadline ends on January 15th of the following calendar year (same as FAFSA).

TASFA applications are available on College for All Texans

Eligibility Requirements for TASFA:

To apply:

Students and prospective students may submit applications via email, physical mail or drop-off. For emails subject line must have read “TASFA” and be sent to sfargegis@uth.tmc.edu or to Priscila.N.Ramirez@uth.tmc.edu . For physical drop-off or mailing address please use addresses listed below.

Mailing Address:                                      Physical Address:

UTHealth Financial Aid                            University Central Tower (Financial Aid)

7000 Fannin Street, Suite 2220               7000 Fannin Street (22nd Floor)

Houston, Texas 77030                             Houston, TX 77030