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Community Outreach

Stroke community outreach and education is a critical component of our stroke center. Our focus is providing stroke education and promoting stroke awareness to patients and their families, health care professionals, the Houston community at large, disease support groups, churches and civic organizations. We want every Houstonian to know the signs of stroke, the importance of calling 911 for suspected stroke (Time is Brain!), their stroke risk and how to reduce that risk.

Our team is composed of stroke physicians, nurses, educators, students and the UTHealth lab. The team participates in an average of one community outreach event per month, providing stroke and risk factor education, stroke, blood pressure and carotid Doppler screenings and educational material to over 1,000 Houstonians annually. The team also gives presentations at schools, health fairs, hospitals, professional conferences and meetings. Each team member participates in a minimum of 3 community events per year.

Stomp Out Stroke Festival & Other Events

photo from a past Stome Out Stroke festival

Our signature community outreach event is focused on increasing stroke awareness and education, promoting healthy lifestyles and behaviors and providing free health screenings to the Houston community.

Girl Scout Stomp Out Stroke Program

girl scouts patch

CALLING ALL GIRL SCOUTS! Girl Scouts get BRAINY with the Stomp Out Stroke Festival Patch! Girl Scouts join us to learn about stroke, signs of stroke, brain anatomy, brain facts & functions, brain food, brain fitness and the importance of being brain healthy.

The Pain Management Program at the UTHealth Houston Institute for Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease provides clinical care and research related to pain after stroke.

A stroke prevents blood from reaching the brain and an oxygen-deprived brain can develop brain tissue damage. Stroke survivors can develop severe pain that is called post-stroke pain, central pain, or thalamic pain (after the part of the brain typically affected). Patients describe the pain as burning, a tingle, prickling or an ache. It can present days after a major OR minor stroke, or sometimes can arise even years later.

This daily struggle can compromise quality of life for patients as well as caregivers.

Quick Links On This Page:

  • Physical Effects of Stroke
  • Coping/Managing Pain
  • Resources for Stroke Survivors
  • Resources for Caregivers
  • Post-Stroke Pain
  • Central Pain Syndrome
  • Thalamic Pain 
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Cognitive and Communication Challenges
  • Research

Girl Scout Stomp Out Stroke Program

CALLING ALL GIRL SCOUTS! Girl Scouts get SMART with the Stomp Out Stroke Patch! This program is working to inspire a new generation of young women who are strong in both brain and body. We want young women to be owners of their own brain health and become health leaders of tomorrow. Together with the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council, we have developed this Girl Scout patch initiative to encourage young girls to learn about stroke, brain health and promote healthy brain behaviors.

Girl Scouts will complete 3 hours of stroke and brain health education including learning about stroke, brain anatomy, brain function, brain health and promoting healthy behaviors. Through this knowledge, we will increase stroke awareness in the community and empower young women to share this knowledge with their friends and family to increase stroke awareness and promote brain healthy behaviors. While the Girl Scouts are having fun with these activities, accompanying adults will be able to learn about stroke, brain health and receive free health screenings. Date and curriculum will be provided at a later date.

Girl Scouts will complete 3 hours of stroke and brain health education. Including 5 required stations and choosing 4 of 9 optional stations to attend to earn the Stomp Out Stroke patch.

Required Stations:

  • Brain Parts and Function
  • 3D Brain Exhibit
  • Stomp Out Stroke
  • Brain and Fitness
  • Brain Food

Optional Stations:

  • Concussions
  • Heart/ A-Fib /CAD Station
  • Brain and Drugs
  • Tobacco Prevention
  • Helmet Safety
  • Fitness Activity
  • Hula Dancing Fitness
  • The Health Museum Sheep Brain Dissection

All Girl Scout Troops will enjoy:

  • Free kids tote bag with goodies
  • Free brain health educational materials
  • Earn a Stomp Out Stroke patch

At the end of the program, you will receive your Stomp Out Stroke patch. All Girl Scout Troops are invited to stay after their program to enjoy family friendly performances, activities, games, music and giveaways!