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Pediatric Stroke Program

Pediatric stroke is an under recognized medical emergency that is among the top 10 causes of morbidity and mortality in the pediatric population. Currently, there is a shortage of pediatric neurologists specifically trained in diagnosis, acute management, and long-term care of pediatric patients with cerebrovascular diseases. The Stroke Pediatric Program provides clinical care and research related to pediatric stroke and cerebrovascular diseases.

Pediatric Stroke Clinic

The McGovern Medical School Pediatric Stroke Clinic provides comprehensive stroke care for neonates, infants, children, and adolescents who suffer from stroke or other cerebrovascular disorders, including moyamoya disease. Our team also offers surgical resection, gamma knife, endovascular procedures with an amazing endovascular team, and bypass procedures for Moyamoya disease.

Though more common in adults, stroke is among the top 10 causes of death in pediatric patients and there are few centers with specific expertise in treating pediatric stroke. Pediatric patients with stroke have specific and unique biologic and developmental needs, and our team of pediatric neurologists, vascular neurologists, pediatric neurosurgeons, nurses, and MAs is built with those needs in mind.

Pediatric Stroke Clinic is held monthly, though sooner follow up can be arranged based on need.

For more information on the clinic and to book an appointment, please visit the Children's Neurology and Neurosurgery page here.


I-ACQUIRE Clinical Trial

I-AQUIRE is a clinical trial offering Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy to infants and toddlers who have had a stroke. For more information on I-AQUIRE, visit their website at or reach out to Melissa Howard at 713-500-7914 or

For parents and clinicians interested in the I-ACQUIRE trial for perinatal stroke, please see information from the flyer here.

Stroke Pediatrics Program Team

Ian J. Butler, M.D.
Distinguished Chair In West Syndrome Research
Phone: 832-325-6516

Stuart M. Fraser, MD
Resident 3

Melissa Howard, PT, DPT, NCS, C/NDT
Physical Therapist
Phone: 713-500-7914