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Graduates of UTHealth Houston

Creed Pettigrew MD, MPH (1979)-Image

Creed Pettigrew MD, MPH (1979)

Professor Neurology, University of Kentucky

  • Dr. Grotta’s Second Stroke Fellow
  • International Leader in Stroke Research

Faculty Profile

Daniel Rosenbaum MD (1987)-Image

Daniel Rosenbaum MD (1987)

Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology, Downstate Medical Center

  • Dr. Grotta’s Third Stroke Fellow
  • International Leader in Stroke Research
  • Honored with the Clinical Investigator Developmental Award by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Faculty Profile

Thomas DeGraba, MD (1990)-Image

Thomas DeGraba, MD (1990)

Chief Innovations Officer at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE), Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland

Faculty Profile

Lewis Morgenstern MD (1994)-Image

Lewis Morgenstern MD (1994)

Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology, Director of the Stroke Program, University of Michigan

Faculty Profile

Andrei Alexandrov MD (1996)-Image

Andrei Alexandrov MD (1996)

Professor and Chair of Neurology, University of Tennessee

Faculty Profile

Scott Kasner MD (1996)-Image

Scott Kasner MD (1996)

Professor and Chief, Division of Vascular Neurology, Department of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania

Faculty Profile

Andrew Demchuk MD (1997)-Image

Andrew Demchuk MD (1997)

Professor of Neurology, Director of the Stroke Program, University of Calgary;
Stroke neurologist and Director of the Calgary Stroke Program, Alberta Health Services

  • One of the leaders of the ESCAPE Trial on the efficacy of thrombectomy for large vessel occlusions
  • Received a number of awards, including the Michael S. Pessin Stroke Leadership Prize from the American Academy of Neurology (2003), and the A Keith W Brownell Neurology Teaching Award for resident teaching (2006), and a scholar award from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR).

Faculty Profile

Marc Ribo MD (2004)-Image

Marc Ribo MD (2004)

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology; Hospital Vall d’Hebron. Barcelona

  • PI of the RACECAT Trial
  • Board of directors Member Society of Vascular Interventional Neurology
  • Member of European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy

Faculty Profile

Sheryl Martin Schild MD (2006)-Image

Sheryl Martin Schild MD (2006)

Stroke Medical Director for The Louisiana Emergency Response Network

  • Founded and directed the Stroke Program at Tulane Medical Center
  • Advanced Tulane Medical Center to Primary Stroke Center level in less than 2 years from inception and Comprehensive Stroke Center 3 years later
  • Will serve as PI for Southeast Louisiana’s satellites and high-performance sites, through UTHealth's Regional Coordinating Center, for the National Institute of Health (NIH) funded StrokeNet.

Faculty Profile

Andrew Barreto MD (2006)-Image

Andrew Barreto MD (2006)

Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Texas Health Science Center Response Network

  • One of the Leaders of the MOST Trial
  • Leader of the TIMELESS trial: thrombolysis in imaging-eligible, late-window patients to assess the efficacy and safety of Tenecteplase
  • Leader of the TRUST Study: Aureva Transcranial Ultrasound Device with Tissue Plasminogen Activator in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke

Faculty Profile

Amrou Sarraj MD (2010)-Image

Amrou Sarraj MD (2010)

Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Texas Health Science Center

  • Leader of the SELECT Trials
  • Director of UT Health's Vascular Neurology Fellowship Program 2016-2020

Faculty Profile

Carter Denny MD (2014)-Image

Carter Denny MD (2014)

Assistant Professor of Neurology, Georgetown University Medical Center

  • Leader in Stroke Transitions of Care

Faculty Profile

Hun-Hwa Hu
Image shows Hun-Hwa Hu UTHealth Houston Certificate of Completion reading The Faculty of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, The Medical School certifies that Han-Hwa Hu, MD has served as a Fellow in Cerebrovascular Disease from July 1, 1981 to June 30, 1982

First Graduate (1981-1982): Han-Hwa Hu, Professor of Neurology and Director of Cerebrovascular Treatment and Research Center at Taipei Medical University (pictured)

Second Graduate (1984-1986): Creed Pettigrew, Professor of Neurology, University of Kentucky

Third Graduate (1986-1988): Daniel Rosenbaum, Professor and Chair of Neurology, Downstate Medical Center, New York

Click here for a full list of all our graduate, current and incoming fellows.

Top Cited Papers by Stroke Fellows As First Author

Serum glucose level and diabetes predict tissue plasminogen activator–related intracerebral hemorrhage in acute ischemic stroke

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Stroke. 1999;30:34–39
Published in 1999 by Andrew Demchuck. Citations: 466.

High Rate of Complete Recanalization and Dramatic Clinical Recovery During tPA Infusion When Continuously Monitored With 2-MHz Transcranial Doppler Monitoring

A V Alexandrov, A M Demchuk, R A Felberg, I Christou, P A Barber, W S Burgin, M Malkoff, A W Wojner, J C Grotta
Stroke. 2000;31:610–614
Published in 2000 by Andrei Alexandrov. Citations: 454.

Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound Criteria for Recanalization After Thrombolysis for Middle Cerebral Artery Stroke

W S Burgin 1, M Malkoff, R A Felberg, A M Demchuk, I Christou, J C Grotta, A V Alexandrov
Stroke. 2000;31:1128–1132
Published in 2000 by W. Scott Burgin. Citations: 299. 

Activation of Emergency Medical Services for Acute Stroke in a Nonurban Population

T.H. Wein, L Staub, R Felberg, S L Hickenbottom, W Chan, J C Grotta, A M Demchuk, J Groff, L K Bartholomew, L B Morgenstern
Stroke. 2000;31:1925–1928
Published in 2000 by Theodore H. Wein. Citations: 159.

Cell death in experimental intracerebral hemorrhage: The “black hole” model of hemorrhagic damage

Robert A Felberg, James C Grotta, Ali L Shirzadi, Roger Strong, Ponnada Narayana, Sandra J Hill-Felberg, Jaroslaw Aronowski
Ann Neurol. 2002 Apr;51(4):517-24
Published in 2002 by Robert A. Felberg. Citations: 231.

Ultrasound-Enhanced Systemic Thrombolysis for Acute Ischemic Stroke

Andrei V Alexandrov, Carlos A Molina, James C Grotta, Zsolt Garami, Shiela R Ford, Jose Alvarez-Sabin, Joan Montaner, Maher Saqqur, Andrew M Demchuk, Lemuel A Moyé, Michael D Hill, Anne W Wojner, CLOTBUST Investigators
New England Journal of Medicine 2004; 351:2170-2178
Published in 2004 by Andrei Alexandrov. Citations: 1,238.

Aggressive Mechanical Clot Disruption

Elizabeth A Noser, Hashem M Shaltoni, Christiana E Hall, Andrei V Alexandrov, Zsolt Garami, Edwin D Cacayorin, Joon K Song, James C Grotta, Morgan S Campbell 3rd
Stroke. 2005;36:292–296
Published in 2005 by Elizabeth Noser. Citations: 206.

The IVH score: a novel tool for estimating intraventricular hemorrhage volume: clinical and research implications

H Hallevi, NS Dar, AD Barreto, MM Morales, S Martin-Schild, AT Abraham, ...
Critical care medicine 37 (3), 969

Published in 2009 by Hen Hallevi - a new scoring system to measure IVH volume. Citations: 110.

Thrombolytic therapy for patients who wake-up with stroke

AD Barreto, S Martin-Schild, H Hallevi, MM Morales, AT Abraham, ...
Stroke 40 (3), 827-832
Published in 2009 by Andrew Barreto - the first large study supporting the safety of t-PA for patients who wake up with stroke. Citations: 160+.

Safety of tPA in stroke mimics and neuroimaging-negative cerebral ischemia

OY Chernyshev, S Martin-Schild, KC Albright, A Barreto, V Misra, I Acosta, ...
Neurology 74 (17), 1340-1345
Published in 2010 by Oleg Chernyshev - the first large study establishing the safety of t-PA in stroke mimic. Citations: 250+.

Zero on the NIHSS does not equal the absence of stroke

S Martin-Schild, KC Albright, J Tanksley, V Pandav, EB Jones, JC Grotta, ...
Annals of emergency medicine 57 (1), 42-45
Published in 2011 by Sheryl Martin-Schild - the first study to demonstrate than patients with NIHSS 0 can still have a stroke, especially in the posterior circulation. Citations: 130.