We have provided our community a list of resources for stroke care during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Creed Pettigrew MD, MPH (1979)-Image

Creed Pettigrew MD, MPH (1979)

Professor Neurology, University of Kentucky

  • Dr. Grotta’s Second Stroke Fellow
  • International Leader in Stroke Research

Faculty Profile

Daniel Rosenbaum MD (1987)-Image

Daniel Rosenbaum MD (1987)

Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology, Downstate Medical Center

  • Dr. Grotta’s Third Stroke Fellow
  • International Leader in Stroke Research
  • Honored with the Clinical Investigator Developmental Award by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Faculty Profile

Thomas DeGraba, MD (1990)-Image

Thomas DeGraba, MD (1990)

Chief Innovations Officer at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE), Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland

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Lewis Morgenstern MD (1994)-Image

Lewis Morgenstern MD (1994)

Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology, Director of the Stroke Program, University of Michigan

Faculty Profile

Andrei Alexandrov MD (1996)-Image

Andrei Alexandrov MD (1996)

Professor and Chair of Neurology, University of Tennessee

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Scott Kasner MD (1996)-Image

Scott Kasner MD (1996)

Professor and Chief, Division of Vascular Neurology, Department of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania

Faculty Profile

Andrew Demchuk MD (1997)-Image

Andrew Demchuk MD (1997)

Professor of Neurology, Director of the Stroke Program, University of Calgary;
Stroke neurologist and Director of the Calgary Stroke Program, Alberta Health Services

  • One of the leaders of the ESCAPE Trial on the efficacy of thrombectomy for large vessel occlusions
  • Received a number of awards, including the Michael S. Pessin Stroke Leadership Prize from the American Academy of Neurology (2003), and the A Keith W Brownell Neurology Teaching Award for resident teaching (2006), and a scholar award from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR).

Faculty Profile

Marc Ribo MD (2004)-Image

Marc Ribo MD (2004)

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology; Hospital Vall d’Hebron. Barcelona

  • PI of the RACECAT Trial
  • Board of directors Member Society of Vascular Interventional Neurology
  • Member of European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy

Faculty Profile

Sheryl Martin Schild MD (2006)-Image

Sheryl Martin Schild MD (2006)

Stroke Medical Director for The Louisiana Emergency Response Network

  • Founded and directed the Stroke Program at Tulane Medical Center
  • Advanced Tulane Medical Center to Primary Stroke Center level in less than 2 years from inception and Comprehensive Stroke Center 3 years later
  • Will serve as PI for Southeast Louisiana’s satellites and high-performance sites, through UTHealth's Regional Coordinating Center, for the National Institute of Health (NIH) funded StrokeNet.

Faculty Profile

Andrew Barreto MD (2006)-Image

Andrew Barreto MD (2006)

Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Texas Health Science Center Response Network

  • One of the Leaders of the MOST Trial
  • Leader of the TIMELESS trial: thrombolysis in imaging-eligible, late-window patients to assess the efficacy and safety of Tenecteplase
  • Leader of the TRUST Study: Aureva Transcranial Ultrasound Device with Tissue Plasminogen Activator in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke

Faculty Profile

Amrou Sarraj MD (2010)-Image

Amrou Sarraj MD (2010)

Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Texas Health Science Center

  • Leader of the SELECT Trials
  • Director of UT Health's Vascular Neurology Fellowship Program

Faculty Profile

Carter Denny MD (2014)-Image

Carter Denny MD (2014)

Assistant Professor of Neurology, Georgetown University Medical Center

  • Leader in Stroke Transitions of Care

Faculty Profile

History of Our Graduates

Hun-Hwa HuHouston

Our First Graduate (1981-1982): Han-Hwa Hu, Professor of Neurology and Director of Cerebrovascular Treatment and Research Center at Taipei Medical University (pictured)

Second Graduate (1984-1986): Creed Pettigrew, Professor of Neurology, University of Kentucky

Third Graduate (1986-1988): Daniel Rosenbaum, Professor and Chair of Neurology, Downstate Medical Center, New York

Full list of all our graduate, current and incoming fellows, please click here.