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To increase stroke knowledge and preparedness, community partnerships focused on stroke education and outreach are vital.  It has the possibility of  reducing stroke burden and impact in the community. This core is a collaborative community of academic partnerships between Stroke Institute researchers and community stakeholders to ensure our research represents community needs and interest.

Program Goals

  • Build and strengthen collaborations with community partners to develop and implement novel stroke educational projects.
  • Serve as a community resource for stroke education and information that will meet the needs of stroke survivors, families and caregivers as well as community based organizations.
  • Build collaborative and sustainable community partnerships between researchers, communities, and community based organizations to ensure research conducted by the Stroke Institute is meaningful to the community, represents local community interests and is responsive to community needs.


Community Outreach

Education & Resources

Community News

Community Outreach

Stroke community outreach and education is a critical component of our stroke center. Our focus is providing stroke education and promoting stroke awareness to patients and their families, health care professionals, the Houston community at large, disease support groups, churches and civic organizations. We want every Houstonian to know the signs of stroke, the importance of calling 911 for suspected stroke (Time is Brain!), their stroke risk and how to reduce that risk.

Community Programs

Our community programming includes:

  • Girl Scouts Stomp Out Stroke Program in collaboration with The Health Museum
  • Stomp Out Stroke Community Health Fair
  • Brain Health Community Education Classes
  • Vietnamese American Medical Association (VANA) Annual Prevention Health Fair
  • Houston Ice Fest – offering Stroke stations and Brain Parts & Function wood crafts
  • Participation in other community initiatives that provide stroke assessments, blood pressure and glucose screenings

The Stomp Out Stroke festival started in 2013 and over seven years grew to one of the largest stroke community programs in the country, with thousands of Houstonians participating and over 5,000 health screenings and risk assessments completed. New community programming is currently being developed based on the Stomp Out Stroke resources.

If you're interested, you can read more about our community outreach.

Education & Resources

  • Visit the Education library to learn about stroke prevention, treatment and recovery.
  • Learn what local resources are available for stroke survivors and caregivers.
  • If your organization is hosting a community program or health fair that provides stroke education and/or free health screenings, please complete the patient educational materials request form here.


RAPIDO (BEFAST en español)

RÁPIDO is an easy way to remember the sudden signs of a stroke and to activate emergency medical services. 

Download the RÁPIDO signs of stroke to help save lives and spread awareness.

Available RÁPIDO Downloads

  • RÁPIDO image

    • Embed the RÁPIDO image into your newsletters, presentations, emails, websites, etc.
  • RÁPIDO poster

    • Print the RÁPIDO poster to display in your offices, waiting rooms, clinic rooms etc.

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston grants you permission to use, reproduce, and distribute RÁPIDO, provided that you do not modify any of the content or format without prior permission. Please contact Meredith Mills for permissions. You may modify the color and add your institutions logo.

RAPIDO Graphic - March Update

Community News

Welcome to Stroke Strides, a community newsletter by the Community Engagement Division of the UTHealth Institute for Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease. Our focus is increasing stroke awareness, providing stroke education, information on local resources, and updates on stroke research and treatment for strokes survivors, caregivers, and the community.

Stroke Strides Newsletter - May 2020

Some topics in this article include:

May is Stroke Awareness Month!

COVID-19 Keeping Patients Away from Stroke Centers

Test Your Stroke Knowledge

Stroke Strides May 2020 Boletin

Mayo es Mes de Concienciacion Sobre Ataques Cerebrales

COVID-19 Mantiene Alejados A Los Pacientes Con Ataques Cerebrales

Prueba tu Conocimiento Sobre los Ataques Cerebrales

Stroke Strides Newsletter - April 2020

Some topics in this article include:

Stroke Survivors: Warning on coronavirus

Cryptogenic Stroke

Stroke Survivors Return to Driving

Stroke Strides Abril 2020 Boletin

Sobrevivientes de un ataque cerebral:

Advertencia sobre el coronavirus

Accidente Cerebrovascular Criptogenico

Los sobrevivientes de un ataque cerebral vuelven a conducer

To subscribe to the Stroke Strides newsletter, visit

You will be added to our email list and receive the newsletter on a monthly basis as well as periodic special mailings if there is important news to announce.

Decrease in Stroke Admissions Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Stroke centers across the country have seen a dramatic decrease in acute stroke admissions during the COVID 19 pandemic, suggesting people may be choosing to stay home and NOT seek stroke care because of fears of being exposed to coronavirus. Dr. Sean Savitz, Director of the UTHealth Stroke Institute in Houston, states "If patients feel that it's best for them to stay home and they're in the midst of a stroke, that could lead to far worse consequences."

Read the complete story here.

Community Advisory Board

The mission of the Community Advisory Board (CAB) is to engage and foster partnerships between researchers and the community to ensure research is patient focused, successful and meaningful. The CAB will provide an infrastructure for community members to advise about suitable research processes that are respectful to the community, to vet research, inform the community on clinical trials and provide input on future scientific directions.

Elizabeth A. Noser

Elizabeth A. Noser

Director of Community Engagement, James C. Grotta, MD Chair in Neurological Recovery and Stroke at the McGovern Medical School. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in...

Rachel Sieber

Rachel Sieber

Rachel experienced a stroke fifteen and a half years ago that left her with an expressive aphasia at the age of 24, just six weeks short of completing her Occupational...

Sean I. Savitz

Sean I. Savitz

Dr. Sean Savitz is a tenured Professor of Neurology, holds the Frank M. Yatsu Chair in Neurology, and is the Director of the Institute for Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases at McGovern...

Tom Gilhooley

Tom Gilhooley

Tom is a stroke survivor from a stroke suffered at the age 42 in October, 2006. Tom grew up in Connecticut and has lived in Houston with his wife and three children for 25 years. He currently...

Holly Robinson

Holly Robinson

Holly is a stroke survivor, a mentor, the founder of two Houston non-profit organizations, a dear friend and a loving mother. Holly suffered two strokes in April 2012 which left her and...

Anjail Sharrief

Anjail Sharrief

Dr. Anjail Sharrief is a stroke prevention neurologist who directs the UTHealth Stroke Transitions, Education, and Prevention Clinic. She completed her Neurology training at...

Wanda Adams

Wanda Adams

Wanda’s mother passed away at the age of 54 from a massive stroke. Devastated and inspired by this life changing ordeal, she pursued a career in helping others while being a wife...

Darrell Pile

Darrell Pile

Darrell earned his master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from George Washington University in 1982 and earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from ...

Patty Wesolek

Patty Wesolek

Patty is a Caregiver Facilitator for West Houston Stroke Warriors support group. She and her husband, Bruno, first attended this group in late 2009 following his stroke. After his passing...

Gwen Emmett

Gwen Emmett

Gwen is the wife of Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. She is particularly interested in the behavioral and physical health of our citizens. She and the Judge want to encourage efforts that...

Lynn Cutrer

Lynn Cutrer

Lynn is the manager of patient and community relations at the McGovern Medical School at UTHealth. Lynn joined the medical school’s Dean’s Office in 2001 to provide individualized...

Sujatha Sridhar

Sujatha Sridhar

Dr. Sujatha Sridhar is Executive Director, Research Compliance at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). The Research Compliance office provides...


Thumbnail to launch (5.25.2019) GS Stroke Awareness Event video

(5.25.2019) GS Stroke Awareness Event

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Institute for Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease - Ashlyn Bigger's story of survival

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Hundreds show up to 'stomp out stroke'

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