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One of the main missions of the Stroke Institute is to expand training opportunities in stroke and cerebrovascular diseases across the various schools of UTHealth. Initially, we started our educational programs in 1979 by growing the largest stroke fellowship training program in the US for neurologists to specialize in stroke and cerebrovascular disease. We offer both 1 and 2 year fellowship tracks for neurologists. The two year training program has been supported by an NIH T32 grant since 1998. However, the Institute expanded its training opportunities to nursing students, medical students, and post-doctoral PhD fellows. We also have developed new training programs in stroke prevention and population health. The Institute strives to provide students and fellows with an atmosphere of growth and mentorship throughout their careers in cerebrovascular disease. These educational opportunities include the following:

For Medical Students:

  • Additional elective opportunities specifically in Stroke/Cerebrovascular Disease
  • Research opportunities

For Physicians:

  • ACGME Accredited Fellowship in Vascular Neurology
  • Texas Medical Board Accredited Fellowship in Stroke Prevention/Recovery
  • Texas Medical Board Accredited 2nd year Fellowship in Vascular Neurology Clinical Research

For Nursing Students:

  • Training programs for both DNP and PhD
  • Training programs for NP Students

For Post-doctoral Fellows:

  • Training program in population health