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The NIH has created the NIH StrokeNet to conduct small and large clinical trials and research studies to advance acute stroke treatment, stroke prevention, and recovery and rehabilitation following a stroke. This network of 25 regional centers across the U.S., which involves more than 200 hospitals, is designed to serve as the infrastructure and pipeline for exciting new potential treatments for patients with stroke and those at risk for stroke. In addition, NIH StrokeNet will provide an educational platform for stroke physicians and clinical trial coordinators.

The Institute for Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases oversees The Gulf Regional Area Stroke Programs and Oklahoma (GRASP-OK) Consortium, a collaborative research effort among sites located in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi and intends to serve the needs of an incredibly diverse population of patients throughout the Gulf states. GRASP conducts high quality clinical research devoted to identifying new treatments in stroke prevention, acute stroke management, and stroke recovery. We are currently enrolling in the following StrokeNet trials:

For more information, please contact:

Chad Tremont, BS
Program Manager

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