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Population Health

The stroke analyses shown herein are derived from aggregated data held by the Center for Health Care Data at the UTHealth School of Public Health as a function of the transparency reporting project conducted under the Qualified Entity status certified by CMS. Objectives of certified Qualified Entities include public reporting on issues important to the health of the population and the quality of healthcare. Population health analyses guide the practice of medicine through the observation of variations in disease incidence and treatment outcomes across populations and across regions. In particular, increased attention to the variation of stroke across the state may focus targeted interventions to improve the health and reduce the risk of members of the community as well as to identify quality improvement opportunities for providers.

Trudy M. Krause, DrPH, CPHQ
Associate Professor of Management, Policy and Community Health NTT, Management, Policy & Community Health

Stroke Map

The maps below show Texas regions defined by the first 3 digits of the zip code. Data are displayed in this manner to ensure de-identification. The colors of the regions represent the variance from the mean for that population, with green being less than the state average and red being greater than the state average.