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AI-Powered Stroke Rehabilitation

Utilizing The Power of AI

At the Institute for Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases at UTHealth Houston, we are exploring the cutting-edge intersection of healthcare and artificial intelligence. While currently in the development phase, it is our mission for our innovative AI programs to revolutionize stroke care, diagnosis, and research, leading the way in enhancing patient outcomes and advancing medical science.


Watch the demo HERE!

We have developed a mobile app that meticulously measures each patient’s prescribed rehab exercise, counting repetition, monitoring speed, and assessing quality with precision. Patients receive real-time instruction and feedback, ensuring each exercise is performed accurately and effectively. This seamless integration of technology fosters an enhanced recovery process, keeping both healthcare providers and patients in sync every step of the way. 
The app is a collaborative effort between the Institute for Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases and the McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics including:

  • Kaichen Tang
  • Mark B Jones
  • Jean C Rodriguez Valero
  • Emily A. Stevens, OTR
  • Shayan Shams, PhD
  • Xiaoqian Jiang, PhD
  • Sean I Savitz, MD

Our aspiration is to make this transformative tool available on the iOS App Marketplace, extending its reach to countless individuals embarking on the stroke recovery journey. 

Xiaoqan Jiang debuted the live demo of the AI-Powered Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Mobile App at the 2023 World Stroke Congress in Toronto, Canada. 

AI-Powered-Stroke-Rehabilitation-and-Recovery-Mobile-App-WSC_2023_3     AI-Powered-Stroke-Rehabilitation-and-Recovery-Mobile-App-WSC_2023_2