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Conduct Research at the Stroke Institute

The Institute for Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease fosters highly successful research in the following areas:

  • sustain and grow our highly successful research in acute stroke treatment
  • develop new areas of research in stroke recovery, prevention, health services, population health and vascular cognitive impairment
  • promote collaborative multi-disciplinary teams

To see a full list of studies we are currently recruiting for CLICK HERE

Our Main Areas of Research

Acute Stroke

  • Improve approaches to dissolve clots
  • Protect the brain
  • Catheter delivery

Brain Hemorrhage

  • Blood removal
  • Blood reabsorption

Inpatient Care

  • Improve quality of care
  • Improve efficiency of care

Stroke Recovery

  • Stem cells
  • Rehabilitation therapy and exercise
  • Stem cells
  • Brain stimulation
  • Exoskeletons

Stroke Prevention

  • Better approaches to reduce high blood pressure
  • Personalized treatments based on genotypes and biomarkers

Health Care Delivery

  • Mobile Ambulance
  • Telemedicine

Stroke Complications

  • Cognitive impairment
  • Depression
  • Caregiver burden

Population Health

  • Primary and secondary stroke prevention
  • Disparities and health equity

Do you need help developing your next big idea?

As part of our mission we are available to investigators throughout the UT Community and the Texas Medical Center. The Institute for Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease houses a think tank for clinical trial design. Our team is made up of experts in trial design and stroke research including: Charles Green, Sean Savitz, MD, Andrew Barreto, MD and other content experts as needed are available to you. This team can help you to identify the appropriate RFPs/RFAs, help to assemble the right mentor team and help with concept synopsis proposals. In order to be access the assistance of the Think Tank, the following conditions must be met:

  • Dedicate time to put in to the grant application
  • Be receptive to constructive criticism
  • Be willing to meet with the team on a regular basis to review progress of application

For an initial meeting with the Think Tank, please submit an initial proposal to:

Barbara Lewis
Program Manager