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General Information

  1. Auxiliary Enterprises Star Employee LogoWe appreciate the nomination of any AE employee, but there are some guidelines on the granting of the award:

    To be selected for the award, the employee must have worked for AE full time (100%) for at least six months or part time (50%) or casual status for at least one year.  (Contractors are not eligible for the award, though the positive feedback will be passed along to the individual and his/her supervisor).

    Department managers are not eligible to receive the award. (Though again, positive feedback will be passed along to the individual and the Chief Auxiliary Enterprises Officer).

  2. AE employees may be nominated by fellow employees, colleagues and/or customers, whether internal or external to UTHealth

  3. One awardee will be selected each quarter.  Nominations for each quarter are due by the following deadlines:

    First Quarter – October to December: January 10
    Second Quarter – January to March: April 10 
    Third Quarter – April to June: July 10
    Fourth Quarter – July to September: October 10

  4. Awardees are selected by the AE Star Employee Selection Committee.  The selection committee is comprised of fellow AE employees and reviews all nominations received during the quarter. 

  5. All nominations will be kept on file and under consideration for one year from the date of receipt. 

  6. Any nominee who is not selected within one year will need to be nominated again to be considered for the award.

  7. Once an employee has received the award, he/she will not be eligible to receive the award again for two years.

  8. Employees who are nominated, but not selected for the award will receive a special gift from AE management for being nominated (limited to one nomination gift per employee per year.)

  9. In gratitude for nominations, the name of each person who submits a nomination will be entered into a quarterly drawing for an incentive prize (limited to one prize per nominator per year).

Nominate an Auxiliary Enterprises Employee

Your feedback is very important to us.   If you have any comments on our performance, we invite you to fill out our comment form or call Auxiliary Enterprises’ main office at 713-500-8400.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

We strive to provide the best customer service within our respective departments, and we value your opinion. If there is anything we are missing or you have any suggestions/comments that will help us to help you better, please fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Official Complaint Policy

While we do encourage feedback via our Customer Satisfaction Survey, we realize that this may not always be an adequate way to resolve a complaint you may have with one of our departments. If you feel you need to pursue a more formal complaint, please read our Complaint Policy and take any and all necessary steps outlined in that policy.