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Student Insurance

Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Health Insurance Requirements for All Students

The Board of Regents of The University of Texas System mandates health insurance for all students enrolled in the UT System health components. As such, each UTHealth student who cannot provide evidence of coverage under another approved plan will be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) with Academic HealthPlans and assessed a health insurance fee. The health insurance fee is $3,438.00 for the academic year 2023-2024: Student Insurance Rates and Term Dates

For more information regarding the UTHealth Insurance Plan provider please visit For MD Anderson students, visit

Before registering for classes each term, every student must complete the health insurance certification process through his/her myUTH account. Through this process, students either provide information about their own coverage or confirm their participation in Academic HealthPlans. For students who attest to coverage under another approved plan, the health insurance fee will not be assessed to their student account.

Open Enrollment

The time during which students may apply for or change coverage for himself/herself and/or his/her eligible spouse and/or dependents.

Qualifying Event

Eligible Students who have a change in status, and lose coverage under another Health Care Plan, are eligible to enroll for coverage under this Policy. Within 30 days of the qualifying event, the Student must complete the online qualifying events form and provide a letter of ineligibility.

Refund of Premium

The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is non-refundable on the first day of the coverage period. A pro-rata refund of premium will be made only in the event of:

  • A Covered Person's death; or
  • The Covered Person enters full-time active duty in any Armed Forces; and
  • Proof of such active-duty service is provided

*Please note: Acquiring a UTHealth position that is eligible to participate in the employee group insurance program does not justify a refund of student insurance. Arrangements should be made to begin the employee insurance when the student insurance expires.

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance for International Students

The Board of Regents of The University of Texas System also requires that all international students holding F or J non-immigrant visas and living in the United States carry coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation while enrolled at any component of The University of Texas.

The health insurance fee assessed for health coverage with Academic HealthPlans includes coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation. Therefore, international students enrolled in Academic HealthPlans do not need to obtain additional coverage.

However, international students with outside medical insurance coverage must ensure that their coverage includes medical evacuation and repatriation. (Please note that the majority of outside insurance carriers do not provide medical evacuation and repatriation coverage.) If needed, international students can purchase supplemental coverage specifically for medical evaluation and repatriation through their student account at a cost of $96 per year.

Optional Family Coverage

Though not required by UT, health insurance is also available to purchase for students' spouses and/or children during open enrollment each registering period/term.. Contact Auxiliary Enterprises at or 713-500-8400 for more information, or visit or for MD Anderson students to complete an online application for family coverage. Family coverage must match the coverage dates of the student.

Optional Dental Coverage

Dental Insurance is optional but available to all students, their spouses, and/or children during open enrollment. Please refer to the Academic HealthPlans website for information about BlueCare Dental For Student Health or you can contact Auxiliary Enterprises at 713-500-8400 or email or visit For MD Anderson students, please visit and complete the online enrollment form.

Continuation of Coverage

All Insureds who have been continuously insured under the school's regular Policy for at least six consecutive months and who no longer meet the eligibility requirements under the Policy are eligible to continue their existing coverage for a period of three months under the school's Policy in effect at the time of such continuation.

If an Insured is still eligible for continuation at the beginning of the next Policy year, the Insured must purchase coverage under the new Policy as chosen by the school. Coverage under the new Policy is subject to the rates and benefits for that Policy year.

Enrollment must be made and applicable premium must be paid directly to Academic HealthPlans and be received within 30 days of the expiration date of your current student coverage. For more information on the Continuation of Coverage, please contact Academic HealthPlans at 1-855-247-7587 or visit For MD Anderson students, please visit or you can contact Auxiliary Enterprises at 713-500-8400 or email us at