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Student Insurance FAQs

Click on each of the FAQs below to learn more about Auxiliary Enterprises Student Health Insurance.

  • What if you answered the Health Insurance Certification wrong in myUTH?

    If you have medical insurance, and on myUTH you answered that you do not have insurance, then student insurance will be added to your tuition. Scan the front and back of your current insurance card and email it to It is always helpful to include your name, student ID number and explain that you answered your certification incorrectly. The deadline for submit your insurance is the 12th day of school in Spring and Fall Semesters and the 4th day of school in Summer. Your alternate insurance plan must be Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant.

    If you do not have insurance, and on myUTH you answered that you do have insurance, then send an email with your name, student ID and explain that you answered the certification incorrectly and need to have student insurance added to your account to

  • What do I do when a life-event has occurred (turning 26, loss of coverage, etc.) and I need to add myself and/or my dependents to the school’s insurance plan outside of the open enrollment period?

    You will need to complete a Qualifying Event form if you turned 26 and lost your insurance, or if you lost your medical insurance, then you must purchase student insurance within 30 days. Call Auxiliary Enterprises at 713-500-8400 or, and we will explain how to get GAP Insurance and send you the Qualifying Event Form.

  • Leave of absence and student health insurance – Am I covered?

    If you enrolled and paid for student insurance through your tuition, then go on leave of absence during your coverage period, you will retain your student insurance until the end of the coverage period. Academic student’s coverage is by semester (Fall, Spring, Summer).

  • How do I find a provider who accepts AcademicBlue Student Health Plan?

    After creating an online account on AcademicBlue, you will have access to the plan’s network provider locator under the Quick Links section (right sidebar on the home page). Click on Find a Doctor or Hospital link

  • How do I update my contact information?

    It is very important to make sure that your address, phone number, and email address on file is current and accurate. If not, ID cards, explanation of benefits and other notifications about your student health insurance plan may not get to you. If you have moved or your contact information has changed, please update your student account on myUTH. Additionally, please contact AHP at 855-247-7587 so that they can update their records.

  • When will I get my insurance cards?

    For student who enroll through the student portal (myUTH), payment and information is sent to the insurance company after the student’s first day of class. You will receive an insurance card in the mail to the home address in the student system; therefore it is important for the student to maintain the correct home address. If a student needs medical attention before they receive their insurance card, please call Auxiliary Enterprises at 713-500-8400 or email and we will email you your member ID number. If you lose your card or need a temporary ID, please contact Academic HealthPlans at 855-247-7587 or