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Running Department HUB Report

You can run a report of HUB spending for your department or groups of departments for any time period within the last 15 months. The report is based on data in the non-salary spending table. The table gets updated on the first day of every month with the most recent fifteen months information.

Select the date range for your report from the calendars. Remember that the table is only updated on a monthly basis. For example, if today is 8/15/07, the table will contain data from 5/01/06 thru 7/31/07 (15 months).

Enter the range of department IDs for the report. If you are only interested in a single department, enter that DeptID in both the "From" and "To" fields.

The report output will contain spending by reporting categories and a calculation of each department's HUB percentage for the date range selected. The report also contains a section that details the dollars spend by supplier for both HUB suppliers and State Contract suppliers.

To print HUB Results: From your browser select File→Print→General Tab→Adobe.pdf. Select Preference→Layout→Landscape. Select Print.

To save as pdf file. Type in file name and click "Save". Report will open as a .pdf file. Select File>Print.

Interpreting the Department HUB Report

The HUB percentage is the amount of dollars spent with HUB suppliers divided by the total dollars spend with all suppliers except those on state contracts. The column headings in the report are:

  • Department - The eight digit department identification (DeptID)
  • HUB - The amount of dollars spent with certified HUB Vendors
  • State Contract - The amount of dollars spent with suppliers with State Contracts
  • Non-HUB - The amount of dollars spent with suppliers who are neither HUBs nor have state contracts
  • Total - The total amount of spending for the time period of the report
  • HUB Qualified - The total amount of spending less the amount spent on State Contracts
  • HUB Percentage - HUB divided by HUB Qualified

You can print the results screen for a hard copy of the report. If you have questions about your HUB results or opportunities to improve HUB performance, contact Shaun McGowan at 713-500-4862 or email at


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