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How to Study at UTHealth Houston

Any student admitted to a UTHealth Houston academic program/certificate program/preceptorship who is not a U.S. citizen is considered an international student.

Step 1

Receive admission to a UTHealth Houston program. Contact the admissions department of the specific school you wish to attend for more information. The Office of International Affairs does not process admissions and cannot assist international students until they receive their admission.

Step 2

Determine if you need a student visa to study in the United States.

Some international students are currently in the U.S. under a different visa type that allows them to enroll in their programs with little to no restrictions. If you will be attending UTHealth Houston and do NOT require a student visa, please contact OIA.

Step 3

Not all UTHealth Houston academic programs meet the requirements to sponsor the F-1 student visa. Some departments will note on their websites if they are able to accept F-1 international students. If your department does not provide you this information or if you are unsure, you can reach out to us at

Step 4

Follow the links below to learn more about the student visa process.

Information about the F-1 Student Visa can be found at the following sites:

Students and the Form I-20

Student Visa Overview 

Student Process Steps: How to Navigate the U.S. Immigration System

Visa Appointment Wait Times 

Once you have reviewed the information at the sites above, please visit this page (that doesn't exist yet) for the list of required documents in order to receive a Form I-20 from the Office of International Affairs.

F-1 International Student Initial Status Chart