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Group Fitness

Group Fitness Update: Summer 2023

It's been a while, but the Recreation Center used to offer group fitness classes prior to the pandemic.  Classes were typically in the evenings and class formats varied daily, usually on weekdays.  We are hoping to slowly bring back some classes in the future, but with a whole new crew around here, we're looking to gauge some interest as to what you would like to see.  We appreciate your interest and value your feedback!  Complete our quick survey here!

Group Fitness - Available Resources

Disclaimer: These are only suggested resources, not promoted or sponsored in anyway by UTHealth or the Rec Center.

“Please be aware that participation in any athletic/fitness-related activities includes the possibility of injury. By your participation in any of these resources/programs, you certify that you knowingly assume all risk and waive any claims or damages against The University of Texas System, UTHealth, their respective employees, agents, officers, Regents or representatives for, any injury or illness that may directly or indirectly result from participation at this program. You are encouraged to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before participating in any exercise class or other athletic/fitness-related activity.

If at any point you begin to feel faint, dizzy, any physical pain, or shortness of breath, please stop participating immediately ?and if symptoms persist, call 911 or your health care provider.”