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Group Fitness

Group Fitness: Certified Instructors Needed!

We are a diverse institution located in the Texas Medical Center seeking several instructors to start up group fitness classes for the UTHealth - Recreation Center at 1832 West Road.  Our client base are students, residents, faculty, staff and family of the Texas Medical Center and UT System Alumni.  We are hoping to get back to group fitness classes potentially in the end of summer or beginning of this fall.  Classes are typically held weekday evenings and class formats vary from yoga, dance-fitness (Zumba, Bollywood, etc.) and strength.

Ideal candidates are:

  • Enthusiastic about fitness and enjoy creating and delivering new, fresh and innovative classes
  • Create an inclusive atmosphere for all people of all levels and able to scale down or challenge those that need or want it
  • Confident in your professionalism by reporting on-time with a positive attitude and a passion to motivate others
  • A professional who is collaborative and a flexible leader

Qualified candidates must possess all of the following:

  • Current nationally accredited group fitness certification
  • Current CPR/AED certification (We will certify, if needed!)

If you are interested in potentially joining our team and learning more information, please contact: 

Group Fitness - Available Resources

Disclaimer: These are only suggested resources, not promoted or sponsored in anyway by UTHealth or the Rec Center.

“Please be aware that participation in any athletic/fitness-related activities includes the possibility of injury. By your participation in any of these resources/programs, you certify that you knowingly assume all risk and waive any claims or damages against The University of Texas System, UTHealth, their respective employees, agents, officers, Regents or representatives for, any injury or illness that may directly or indirectly result from participation at this program. You are encouraged to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before participating in any exercise class or other athletic/fitness-related activity.

If at any point you begin to feel faint, dizzy, any physical pain, or shortness of breath, please stop participating immediately ?and if symptoms persist, call 911 or your health care provider.”