Cancer Genomics Center



Will update news about CGC, for example, NGS training, seminars, publications related to the CGC, Awards etc.

  • 2021.12.07 10x Genomics Webinar (Sample Preparation for Single Cell Solutions: Beyond the Basics). Please click the link here for details.

  • 2021.05.05 Announcement of CGC Pilot Grant 2021.

  • 2021.04.06 10x Genomics Webinar (Biology at True Resolution: Resolving Complex Biology at the Single Cell Level).

  • CGC is soliciting 2-page pilot grant proposals for cancer genomics research through the UTHealth CGC facility. Please click the link here for details.
  • Due to concerns over COVID-19, the CGC/Illumina workshop on Thursday, March 12 has been canceled. We will reschedule the event for a later date.
  • 2019.08.28 Bioanalyzer 2100 is installed completely and ready to use.
  • 2019.06.18-19 Illumina training workshop: Introduction to the NextSeq 550 System-Sequencing Technology and Data Analysis Overview.
  • 2019.05.03 Software Seminar: 10x's Cell Ranger for Single Cell Gene Expression Analysis.
  • 2019.05.02 Application and Workflow Seminar: 10x Single Cell 3’, V3 Gene Expression Solution.
  • 2019.05 10X Genomics Workshop.
  • 2019.03 We purchased Illumina NGS equipment.
  • 2019.02 We purchased 10X Genomics controller.
  • 2019.02 Our core lab space completed lab renovation.
  • 2018.10 CPRIT UTHealth CGC was officially approved.