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Cancer Genomics Center


Ultra-low input mRNA sequencing (Ultra-low input mRNA-seq)

This sequencing service is able to generate high-quality libraries directly from live cells (100-1,000 cells) or 1-10 ng of total RNA. It provides the excellent sensitivity needed to obtain full-length transcript information from high-quality total RNA (RIN >8) or intact cells by using oligo(dT) priming. Through even gene-body coverage and accurate representation of GC-rich transcripts, this chemistry enables reliable analysis of transcript isoforms, gene fusions, point mutations, and more.


  • provide a solution for the samples with limit material
  • an alternative method to supplement single-cell RNA sequencing with lower price

Total RNA Cells Smart Sequence Synthesis Diagram

Sample submission requirements

Service Sample Type Recommended
 Ultra-low input mRNA Seq Total RNA 10 ng 7 ng 1 ng/ul Recommend: RIN>8
Required: RIN>7
Live Cells 1000-100 cells 100 cells   Cell viability: >85%

  • RIN stands for RNA integrity number, which is evaluated by measuring the ratio of 28S:18S
  • Concentration must be measured by Qubit
  • We recommend to sort live cells at UTH flow cytometry core
  • The core has the rights to determine if the samples are qualified for the experiment
  • Please check the core ( or 713-500-7933) for the detail information.

Service Workflow

Service Workflow Photo of Ultra Low Inpurt MRNA Sequence Service Workflow Diagram

Useful documents