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Cancer Genomics Center


Bioinformatics Service


Our bioinformatics unit is designed to provide advanced bioinformatics services to researchers. We offer state-of-the-art genomics technologies, comprehensive and professional services, and multi-level professional training, enabling these services more efficient for your basic and translational research. Additionally, we provide consultation of study design, grant proposal development and post-sequencing analysis consultation. The team has experience in collaboration with more than 100 investigators, co-authored numerous publications (e.g. Nature Medicine, Cancer Discovery, Blood), and helped getting funding more than $100M.

Bioinformatics service

  • NGS data analysis (WGS, WES, microRNA, ChIP-seq, single cell RNA-seq data, methylation, etc.)
  • Array data analysis including GWAS, CNV and methylation data
  • Advanced bioinformatics services including gene set enrichment analysis (Gene Ontology, pathways, etc.), network analysis, disease association analysis, functional genomics analysis, results interpretation, machine learning and applications, databases, pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics data analysis, among others.

Other service:

  • Consultation on study design
  • Grant proposal development
  • NGS training in bioinformatics

Reference: Ding et al. Hum Mol Genet 2010, 19: R188–R196

Selected publications:

NGS for disease studies:

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  3. Xia J, Jia P, Hutchinson KE, Dahlman KB, Johnson D, Sosman J, Pao W, Zhao Z* (2014) A meta-analysis of somatic mutations from next generation sequencing of 241 melanomas: a road map for the study of genes with potential clinical relevance. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 13(7):1918-28 [WES, WGS]
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NGS technique, methodology, and tool publications:

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