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Total RNA sequencing (Total RNA-seq)

Total RNA sequencing service is able to profile both coding and long non-coding transcripts (>100bp). Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are a moderately abundant fraction of the eukaryotic transcriptome, including lincRNAs (intergenic lncRNAs), intronic, anti-sense, sense and bidirectional lncRNAs. Effects of lncRNAs show evidence on multiple cellular functions and perform as prime targets on the regulation of gene transcription, post-transcriptional modifications, and epigenetics. In total RNA-seq pipeline, mRNAs and lncRNAs were enriched by depleting rRNA from the samples as the figure below.

Total RNA Sequencing Photo

Sample submission requirements

Service Sample Type Recommend Amount Minium Amount Minium concentration Quality
Total RNA-seq Total RNA 1 ug 200 ng 40 ng/ul Recommend: RIN>7
DV200 >66%

  • RIN stands for RNA integrity number, which is evaluated by measuring the ratio of 28S:18S
  • DV200 evaluates the percentage of fragments >200 nucleotides
  • Total RNA-seq may not be available for some species
  • The Core has the rights to determine whether the samples are qualified for the experiment
  • Please check our Core ( or 713-500-7933) for more information.

Service Workflow

Service Workflow Photo of Total RNA Sequence

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