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Cancer Genomics Center



CGC Service Center Internal1 Academic2
Library Preparation only
mRNA-seq $99/sample $129/sample
Total RNA-seq $139/sample $179/sample
sRNA-seq (small RNA-seq) for micro RNA $129/sample $169/sample
ChIP-seq $129/sample $169/sample
ATAC-seq $159/sample $199/sample
Ultra-low Input mRNA-seq $149/sample $189/sample
Ultra-low input total RNA-seq $149/sample $189/sample
scRNA-seq (1st sample) $2499/sample $3299/sample
scRNA-seq (2nd-8th samples) $1999/sample $2499/sample
scRNA-seq+CRISPR (1st sample) $2639/sample $3299/sample
scRNA-seq+CRISPR (2nd-8th samples) $2139/sample $2699/sample
Multiome (snATAC-seq +snRNA-seq) (1st sample) $3899/sample $4899/sample
Multiome (snATAC-seq +snRNA-seq) (2nd 8th sample) $3499/sample $4399/sample
5’ scRNA-seq (GEX only, 1st sample) $2799/sample $3399/sample
5’ scRNA-seq (GEX only, 2nd-8th samples) $2099/sample $2599/sample
5’ scRNA-seq (GEX +TCR or BCR, 1st sample) $2899/sample $3599/sample
5’ scRNA-seq (GEX +TCR or BCR, 2nd-8th samples) $2199/sample $2799/sample
5’ scRNA-seq (GEX +TCR +BCR, 1st sample) $2999/sample $3699/sample
5’ scRNA-seq (GEX +TCR +BCR, 2nd-8th samples) $2319/sample $2899/sample
Flex scRNA-seq (4 samples, 10000 cells/sample) $4899/reaction $6099/reaction
Visium CytAssist (spatial transcriptomics, 6.5mm) $2199/sample $2799/sample
Visium CytAssist (spatial transcriptomics, 11mm) $4299/sample $5399/sample
Visium CytAssist HD (spatial transcriptomics, 6.5mm) $3699/section $4699/section
Library and Sequencing**
WES (human or mouse,100x) $349/sample $379/sample
mRNA-seq (>= 20 samples) $159/sample $209/sample
mRNA-seq (< 20 samples) $179/sample $239/sample
sRNA-seq (>= 20 samples, 10M reads, 75SE) $189/sample $249/sample
sRNA-seq (< 20 samples, 10M reads, 75SE) $209/sample $279/sample
ChIP-seq (>= 20 samples) $189/sample $249/sample
ChIP-seq (<20 samples) $209/sample $279/sample
Total RNA-seq (>= 20 samples, 30M reads, 150PE) $229/sample $299/sample
Total RNA-seq (<20 samples, 30M reads, 150PE) $259/sample $329/sample
Ultra-low Input mRNA-seq (>=20 samples) $209/sample $269/sample
Ultra-low Input mRNA-seq (<20 samples) $239/sample $299/sample
Ultra-low Input total RNA-seq (40M, 150PE) $269/sample $339/sample
ATAC-seq (60M, 150PE) $339/sample $424/sample
NextSeq 400M reads 75SE***/36PE $2199 $2799
NextSeq 400M reads 75PE**** $3999 $4999
NextSeq 130M reads 75PE $1799 $2299
Novaseq 1000M reads 150PE $2100 $2600
RNA RIN assay $50/11 samples $60/11 samples
DNA bioanalyzer assay $100/11 samples $125/11 samples
Bioinformatics Service (hourly rate)
Standard Analysis for bulk RNAseq
Fastq QC $5/sample $8/sample
Fastq Trimming $5/sample $8/sample
Alignment, gene counts & Normalization
(human or mouse only)
$25/sample $30/sample
NGS customized analysis (currently unavailable) $150/hour $180/hour
Sequencing consultation No charge No charge
Bioinformatics consultation No charge No charge

The prices are under adjustment by the core at any time and the core has the rights to interpret these prices.

1. Internal: the price provided to all the faculties in UTHealth at Houston and the faculties in academic institutes within Texas with a cancer project after registering as a CGC user.

2. The price provided to all academic institutes inside United States.

  • *The prices of scRNA-seq depend on the targeted cell number and the sequencing depth.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information if the targeted cell number and the sequencing depth differ from the list.

  • **If not indicated, the sequencing depth is 20M paired reads of 150PE.
  • ***SE: single-end sequencing.
  • ****PE: paired-end sequencing.
  • *****If library preparation or/and sequencing services are not included in the project, a handling fee may apply for these services.