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Cancer Genomics Center


mRNA sequencing service

The Cancer Genomics Center of UTHealth can help you study transcriptomes of your samples via RNA-seq. The RNA you provided will be transferred to cDNA followed by ligation of adapters and then the cDNA will be sequenced by Illumina equipment. The major applications for RNA-seq include, but are not limited to, detecting differentially expressed genes, splicing, mutations at the mRNA level, gene fusions, and non-coding RNA expression.

Sample guideline

ServiceSample typeMinimum amountMinimum concentrationQuality
mRNA-seq Total RNA 1 µg 20 ng/µL RIN>7.0

*RIN stands for RNA integrity number, which is evaluated using the 28S to 18S rRNA ratio.
*Please use Qubit to measure DNA/RNA concentration.
*Please provide Bioanalyzer results for your sample if it is available.

An Introduction to RNA-seq

Here's a gentle introduction to the mRNA-Seq subject that covers the basics behind the experiment, how the data is processed and the sorts of things you can do with it.

Service workflow

Service Workflow Diagram

Analysis pipeline (general purpose)

Analysis Pipeline mRNA-seq Diagram