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Membership Policies and Procedures

Dear Member/Guest:

On behalf of the UTHealth Auxiliary Enterprises Recreation Center team members I would like to thank you. Your interest and support of the facility is greatly appreciated. I encourage you to review the summary of policies and procedures enclosed and hope this information is beneficial to you, family members and guests.

For more detailed information on programs and services, please check the facility bulletin boards, our web site at and/or ask the front desk staff for assistance.

The Recreation Center aims to improve school/work-life balance by offering facilities, equipment and programs designed for fitness, fun and friendly competition.

We are here because you are here and our goal/mission is to provide quality programs, services and facilities to a diverse UTHealth Houston community.

Thank you again for your business and please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions and or concerns in regards to the Recreation Center.


Pauline M. Habetz

Director, Recreation Center

UTHealth Recreation Center Policies & Procedures

  • Membership


    Member certifies that all information provided by the Member is truthful and accurate in all material aspects and contains no misleading statement or any exclusion of any material information.

    Membership is available for purchase to all Texas Medical Center institutions students, residents, faculty, staff, UTSystem alumni and immediate families. Proof of employment, student, alumni status or spouse eligibility is required at time of purchase and every subsequent purchase/renewal. Eligible sponsor must be present with family or guests for initial purchase and every subsequent purchase/renewal. During the academic year, UTHealth students enrolled in classes receive a membership as a benefit of their tuition during that enrollment period. During the summer term or in certain cases when the student tuition does not cover the membership fee, the continuing student may purchase the membership at the facility, but must have been enrolled during preceding semester.

    Management may restrict the use of facilities or periodically close to permit maintenance, repair or construction. Management may cease providing all facilities and services to all Members upon giving notice of such decision to Members. Management reserves the right to revise and add to these Policies and Procedures from time to time as it deems necessary for the benefit, safety and enjoyment of the Members and the reasonable and proper management of the facility.

    In the event the facility is closed for a period longer than thirty (30) days through no fault of the Member, the Member is entitled to either extend this Membership Agreement for a period equal to that number of days that the facility was closed or to receive a prorated refund of the amount paid by the Member under this Membership Agreement. Refunds are not applicable to UTHealth student tuition fees in such cases.


    Management shall establish classifications of Memberships and may add, delete, modify or otherwise change such classifications and related privileges of Membership as it deems necessary.

    Age Policy

    Children ages 16-20 that meet eligibility requirements may purchase a membership or sponsored guest option and have full use of the facility.  No children under 16 are allowed to use the facility until further notice.  Valid government issued ID, passport, birth certificate, etc. required for entry/membership.  If applicant is 16-17 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must co-sign the Membership Agreement.  Family Memberships includes main member, spouse and/or all those who are claimed as dependents ages 16-20.

    Extended Family

    Once turning 21, children must apply for their own membership if they meet the eligibility requirements. An Extended Family Membership is a benefit provided to UTHealth students, faculty, staff, alumni and MDACC only. “Extended Family Member” includes mother, father, brother and/or sister of a current UTHealth student, faculty or staff member who may purchase membership privileges at the Affiliate rate as long as the student, faculty or staff member is affiliated with UTHealth.

    All Memberships are nontransferable and nonrefundable except as stated in “Cancellation of Memberships”.

    Review of Qualifications

    Management shall review each applicant and proof of eligibility and reserves the right to disapprove any Membership application on its sole discretion.


    For those members paying for membership through automatic EFT (electronic fund transfer). Monthly memberships shall automatically renew on the last day of each month unless the Member provides management with written notice of its intent not to renew or if have any changes to this Membership Agreement by the 24th of the month prior to cancellation. During holiday months of November and December, the written notice must be received by the 15th of that month. To make changes to a membership paid by EFT, use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form which can be found on our website or in person at the front desk.

    Membership Agreement and Payment of Charges

    Applicants must sign the Membership Agreement and submit it along with the appropriate charges, if any, at the time application for Membership is received. Member agrees that Member will pay the fees, charges and rates in effect at the time the membership is accepted. Members will be assessed a $25 fee for any declined EFT or for any returned checks. Management shall provide Member with not less than sixty (60) days written notice of an increase in rates, provided, however, that no increase in rates shall be effective until the expiration date of the then applicable membership period. Payment is by cash or check only. No debit/credit cards are accepted.

    Guest Privileges

    Member is entitled to bring up to two (2) sponsored guests per member, per visit for a fee.

    Fees are charged to persons 16 years of age and older. Sponsored Guests must be accompanied by the member or present proof of own eligibility at the time of purchase and any subsequent renewal. Anyone eligible for membership may be their own guest and purchase guest options, rather than a membership if so desired. Management reserves the right to limit the number of guests or the number of times any one guest can use the facility and reserves all rights to exclude any guest whose use of the facilities, in the sole opinion of the Management would be detrimental to the guest, facility or any of its members.

  • Cancellation of Memberships

    By Management

    Any member may be expelled by the Management for a gross or repeated violation of any rule, regulation or policy of the facility or for any conduct which, in the opinion of the Management, is prejudicial to the welfare, good order, reputation and character of the facility. A Member cancelled for any of the reasons set forth in the preceding two sentences shall be entitled to a prorated refund minus a 15% administrative handling fee. No person whose membership has been cancelled by the facility shall be accepted as a guest of the facility.

    By the Member

    A Member may cancel current membership in the case of the extreme circumstances, medical reasons, no longer meets eligibility requirements, or relocation of their principal residence by filling out the appropriate Refund Request Form and having said form delivered in person or by email. This is a request for a refund, not a guarantee a refund will be issued. In a cancellation, the facility may retain a portion of fees not to exceed 15% or $15 (whichever is lesser) of total refund amount and will refund any remainder of amount previously paid during the membership term to the Member. Refunds only guaranteed for $25 or more after processing fees. A Member canceling pursuant to relocation and or medical reasons, must provide proof of relocation or a physician’s letter; in either case such evidence to be included with the cancellation request.

    A Member may request to place membership on hold twice during each calendar year. Such a freeze must be in consecutive day increments no more than two months and no less than two week (14 days) periods to be considered for an adjustment to the membership expiration date. Member must provide written request of freeze, prior to such leave or else no adjustment in expiration date will be granted. Members must reactivate membership within 30 days of expected date of return for membership to be extended. Holidays, facility closures and locker rentals are not included in freeze. Membership Freeze Request Form can be found on our website or in person at the front desk. To freeze or make changes to a membership paid by EFT, use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form and EFT holds are by the month, with maximum of a three month hold.

    Family Memberships

    For family memberships only, upon the termination of the Primary Member’s membership, the Membership Agreement shall convert into individual Membership Agreement and the rates and fees charged will be revised accordingly. However, for the membership to continue, the individual must meet membership eligibility requirements.

  • Mobile Device Policy

    The use of mobile devices inside the UTHealth Recreation Center can impact the safety, privacy and comfort of our members. In order to ensure the best possible member experience, we limit use of mobile devices in the Recreation Center in the following ways:

    • The Recreation Center strictly prohibits the use of mobile devices to take photographs or videos or to make voice or video calls in the locker rooms.
    • Headphones or earbuds are required while listening to any audio on a mobile device.
    • Use of mobile devices to make voice or video calls is permitted outside of the locker room, but voice must be kept at a reasonable level and the call should be minimal in duration.
    • Members are prohibited from using their mobile devices anywhere in the Recreation Center to view content that may be viewed as offensive or inappropriate.
    • Members may use their mobile devices on the gym floor in order to photograph or take video of themselves in very limited circumstances and this privilege may be revoked at any time and for any reason at the sole discretion of the Recreation Center Team.  Use of a mobile device on the gym floor may be acceptable under the following conditions:
      • No member may use a mobile device to take photographs or videos if doing so presents a risk of injury to themselves or others (for example, mobile devices should not be used to take photographs or video by anyone who is simultaneously using exercise equipment.)
      • Out of respect for the privacy and comfort of our members, photographs or video should never include anyone who has not given their prior permission to appear in such images.
      • Images containing UTHealth Houston intellectual property are subject to all applicable copyright and trademark protections, including, but not limited to, federal and state laws and regulations, and we may prohibit any public-facing use thereof.
      • No photographs or video may be used for commercial purposes whatsoever.
    • The resolution of any conflict or question arising under this policy is at the sole discretion of UTHealth Recreation Center Team.

    Because the safety, privacy and comfort of our members is paramount, enforcement of this mobile device use policy is a serious matter.  Any report of a violation of this policy, whether from the Recreation Center Team or a Recreation Center Member, should be resolved promptly and professionally, with priority given to the privacy and comfort of all members.

    The UTHealth Recreation Center reserves the right to revoke any and all mobile device use privileges under this policy and, if deemed warranted, to terminate a person’s membership immediately for any violation of this policy or others.

  • Outside Instructors

    No Outside Trainers, Coaches, Therapists or Instructors

    This policy is related to any and all training or instruction of services at the UTHealth Houston – Recreation Center.  Desired services will be provided through the department and “outside” trainers, coaches, therapists or instructors are not allowed to use or perform their services in the facility.  In addition, no soliciting is allowed.

    This policy was established to eliminate conflict of interest with services provided “in-house,” but more importantly, for safety and liability reasons.  Requested services are either performed by staff and/or through trainers, coaches, therapists or instructors contracted by the UTHealth Houston – Recreation Center.  We strive to provide quality services, which are economical and convenient to our members.  These services are based on need, cost effectiveness and availability of space and staff.

    Current Members of the UTHealth Houston – Recreation Center requiring assistance due to medical necessity with documentation that cannot be provided in-house may request an exemption under the following guidelines:

    • Must submit request in writing with documentation to
    • Physician’s documentation must include reason, duration and consent for prescribed activity. Also include instructor’s name and copy of applicable certification.
    • If approved by the Director, the Daily Guest Fee will be assessed upon each visit by the instructor. Instructor must accompany the member at time of and for duration of visit.

    The UTHealth Houston – Recreation Center reserves the right to revoke privileges and to deny service at any time.

  • Miscellaneous

    UTHealth ID, Rec Center Membership Card or Keytag

    Students, residents, faculty and staff that are valid UTHealth ID badge holders must use their UTH badge for admission into the facility and upon request when participating in activities. Non UTHealth members will be issued a Rec Center Membership Card, bearing name, good as long as the Membership Agreement under which it was issued is valid. The Membership Card must be presented for admission into the facility and upon request when participating in activities. Only 1 active card allowed per member.

    Name/data change on Recreation Center Membership Card will be made at no charge with the return of original card. Lost cards must be replaced and a fee of $10.00 shall be charged. A fee of $5.00 shall be charged to replace lost Keytags. Use of University ID, Membership Card and or Keytag by anyone other than person named hereon is prohibited and will result in confiscation. Violation of this rule may result in immediate and or permanent termination of membership. The cards are property of UTHealth and are nontransferable and may be revoked for cause.

    Appropriate Exercise Clothing

    Patrons are asked to wear gym clothing while working out or participating in activities. Proper attire includes athletic shorts and t-shirts, pants, sweat suits and sneakers. No scrubs, denim, street clothes or open toed shoes shall be permitted in the workout areas. Non- marking shoes are required on all hardwood courts, exercise rubber floor rooms, and outdoor tennis & basketball court area. Proper attire for the swimming pool area includes bathing suits and sandal type shoe, members are not permitted to swim in street clothes or undergarments. Swimmers are encouraged to shower before entering the pool.

    Swimming Pool Guidelines

    There is no lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk. The swimming pool closes 30 minutes prior to facility closure.  All lanes are designate for lap swim or lane walking.  Open shallow and deeps ends are open for recreational use.  Proper swim attire required. Pool users must bring their own towels and need to dry off before entering the locker rooms and hallways.

    Family/Children Guidelines

    No children under 16 years old are allowed in the Recreation Center and/or Swimming Pool until further notice.

    Club Etiquette

    Member agrees to be subject to the control of the Management, its staff, its agents, representatives and/or employees. Member agrees to conduct oneself in a quiet, well-mannered fashion while using the facilities.

    Weight Room & Cardio Exercise Area

    No one under the age of 16 is permitted. Profanity, yelling or talking on the phone are not permitted in the gym. For the courtesy of our gym members and for safety reasons, all lifters must rerack their own weights or any equipment when finished. Please do not drop weights or dumbbells. Weights can be dropped below the waist for Olympic Lifts only. Do not drop weights from overhead. Towels are provided to wipe down strength training equipment, pads/upholstery and cardiovascular machines after use only and are not for personal use for showering or pool use. Only approved personal trainers employed by the rec center can provide personal training.

    Member’s Property; Lost and Found

    UTHealth Recreation Center shall not be liable for the disappearance, loss, theft or damage to or of any Member’s personal property. Property that is found by facility employees will be stored for a reasonable period of time at the front desk. After the period, items will be donated.

    Valuables / Lockers

    For your protection, do not bring valuables into the facility. The facility provides rental and daily use lockers for use during the Member’s use of the facility. Users must furnish their own padlock for locker room lockers. The lockers are not designed to protect valuables and are provided solely for the convenience of patrons. UTHealth is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Belongings are not to be left in unlocked lockers. Daily use lockers are available at no charge and must be cleared after each daily use. Rentals lockers may be purchased on a 3 month and 1 year basis and reserved at the front desk. Rental lockers are available for rent by current Member’s only. A courtesy renewal email reminder will be sent to the renter, but it is ultimately renter’s responsibility to keep rental payment and email address updated. Expired lockers will be cleared within the first week of the following month and items left in expired lockers will be removed, bagged and stored for approximately 2 weeks.

    Equipment Checkout

    Basic sports equipment like basketballs, volleyballs, table tennis paddle and balls and pickleball paddles and balls can be checked out free of charge. Racquetball, tennis, and pool related equipment is not available for member use, members will need to bring personal equipment. All check-out equipment is for use in the Rec Center facilities only. Valid member’s ID must be provided at the time of check-out.


    Members are not permitted to advertise or post notices in or about the facilities without approval. Member agrees that Management may contact Member by phone, e-mail or U.S. mail in order to communicate information pertaining to the facility or the Member’s membership therein. Please keep your email, emergency contact and phone number updated within membership file.

    Waiver of Responsibility and Assumption of Risk (Members sign waiver on membership application)

    Member/guest recognize participation in any athletic/fitness-related activities includes the possibility of injury. Participation in doing so is completely voluntary and members and guests knowingly assume all risk and waive, on behalf of themselves and their heirs and to the extent allowable under law, any claims or damages against The University of Texas System, UTHealth, their respective employees, agents, officers, Regents or representatives for any injury or illness that may directly or indirectly result from participation at the UTHealth Recreation Center.

    Member/guest are encouraged to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before using any exercise equipment or participating in any exercise class or other athletic/fitness related activity. It is understood such activity, including the use of weights and use of any and all machinery, equipment or apparatus designed for exercising shall be at the user’s sole risk and a agree to abide thereby. Such policies and procedures may be subject to change without notice.