Initial Lab and Bloodborne Pathogen's training

Training Requirements for Personnel Working with Chemical and Biological Agents

Initial Laboratory and Clinical Safety Training includes the required information for working with chemical and biological agents

Initial Training
Federal and State Law ( Texas Hazard Communication Standard TH&S Code 502.009); OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29 CFR 1910.1030 ) require that all employees who work with hazardous chemicals or potentially infectious biological agents attend hazard communication class. Personnel working with hazardous chemical agents are required to attend training class prior to working in the laboratory. Personnel working with biological agents are required to attend a training class within 30 days. In addition to providing useful information regarding exposure to hazardous substances and biological agents, the training classes offer very useful information regarding how to obtain MSDS, how to dispose of hazardous wastes, and what to do in the event of an emergency. 

This course can be taken on Safety Assistant LMS

Annual Refresher Training
Annual refresher training may be required for chemical agents if there is a change of procedures, addition of any new type of chemicals or if personnel have forgotten simple basic laboratory safety protocol. Annual refresher training is required for all personnel exposed to biological agents or working in a BSL2 laboratory. Please visit the Annual Lab & Bloodborne Pathogen Refresher Training page.

Training Classes
For ease and convenience the training classes for the use of chemical and biological agents have been consolidated into one class entitled "Basic Laboratory and Clinical Training".  This class is offered monthly and its location rotates. A schedule is listed below.

In addition to offering the monthly classes, we are also conducting the training class at New Employee Orientation in UCT 1505C every Monday at 1:30 pm.

*If you would like to schedule a class especially for your laboratory or department, please contact us at 500-5832 and we will be happy to accommodate you.

It is important that certificates obtained either through the mail or downloaded be kept by personnel attending the training class in the event that documentation is required by either UTHealth safety personnel, a regulatory agency, or a future employer. Certificates should be placed in the chemical safety binder located in your main laboratory.

Initial Laboratory and Bloodborne Pathogen Safety Training Schedule

Every Monday* at 1:15pm
UCT 1505C

If you have a group of individuals that require classroom training please call Stephen David at 713-500-5858 or Safety's main office at 713-500-8100

*Unless University is closed