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Safety, Health, Environment, and Risk Management

Hazardous Waste Disposal Supplies

In order to make hazardous waste disposal as easy, safe, and compliant as possible for the UTHSC-H community, EH&S provides hazardous waste disposal supplies at no charge to research, facilities, and non-profit clinics.

Waste SuppliesSupplies available include:

Sharps containers (2 gallon & 5 quart sizes)
Biological waste boxes, tubs, and red liners
Chemical waste containers & safety cans
Thick mil trash bags for EtBr & solid radioactive wastes
Broken glass boxes
Secondary containment pans
Waste container labels
Plastic tie wraps
Ethidium bromide filters
Solid radioactive waste buckets
Liquid radioactive waste jugs (1 gallon size)
2.5 & 5 gallon buckets
Silver recovery units 

These waste disposal supplies can be requested by calling the hazardous waste line at 713-500-5837 or by emailing

In addition, these supplies are readily available and accessible to the research and clinical community in:

SOD 1266
BBS 1244
SPH B01a
SRB 120

To request supplies for any of these rooms please call the hazardous waste line or email