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Safety, Health, Environment, and Risk Management

Area Safety Liason

Area Safety Liason

Area safety liaisons (ASLs) play an important role at UTHealth by assisting colleagues and other individuals in their area to be safe and healthy.  The role of an ASL includes reporting safety hazards to EHS, reporting security concerns to UTPD, and facilitating evacuation during an emergency situation.  The Occupational Safety and Fire Prevention Program helps to organize and administrate the ASL program by maintaining an active list of ASL volunteers, providing annual training to ASLs, and supporting ASLs who may have questions or concerns about their respective areas or buildings.  Contact EHS if you are interested in serving as a volunteer ASL for your area.

Area Safety Liaison Training, Information, and Forms

OIA Emergency Communications - Resources to know when the University is Open (Powerpoint)
Injury Reporting (Powerpoint)
Environmental Management Systems (Powerpoint)
2020 ASL Training (PDF)

AED/CPR Training

Contact Robin Webb at 713-500-3254 or to sign up to attend AED/CPR training class.

Classes are held approximately twice each month and are usually scheduled for Tuesday or Thursday mornings.

External Defibrillator (AED) Locations  
Emergency Blue Phone Locations (Excel document)
Fire Drill Information (PDF)

Area Safety Liaison Listings by Building

ASLs contacts:
Campus wide ASL contact information (Excel File)

Emergency Management Plan

Emergency Management Plan (weblink)

Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program

UTHealth seeks to protect its community from the effects of unpredictable situations by establishing specific procedures for coping with local emergencies. In that respect, the Emergency Evacuation Assistance Request was created for informing emergency personnel of parties that may need assistance in a building evacuation. This completed form will be secured in the Fire Depository box located at each building to identify the room or area in which the person needing assistance may be located. The Emergency Evacuation Assistance Request Form can be used for mobility impaired individuals who may need help for long or short term disabilities. Any occupant who feels they would need assistance during an evacuation is welcome to complete the form.

If you need assistance to evacuate the building during an emergency, please complete the Emergency Evacuation Assistance Request and return it to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at OCB 1.330, or fax 713-500-8111.

Upon receipt, a member of the Environmental Health and Safety team will contact you to confirm the request. EH&S will then update the HFD Fire Depository Box, notify UTPD and coordinate with your Area Safety Liaison (ASL).

If you have any questions we encourage you to contact Environmental Health and Safety at 713-500-8100.

Emergency Evacuation Assistance Request