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Safety, Health, Environment, and Risk Management

Lab Safety Training Courses

The link above is to the UTHealth Safety Orientation Video that is viewed by all new employee's during orientation.  In this video we take a comprehensive look at the potential hazards that we have on our campus, where to find important safety information, and what to do in case of a fire.  If it's been awhile since you've been in orientation, we encourage you to take a 10 minute micro-break and look at our video.

Required Safety Training for UTHealth Employees

As an employee of UTHealth, you are required to take an Initial Safety course and then an Annual Refresher one year from the date of your Initial Safety course if your job requires you to be in a lab or clinical space.  If you work in a clinical space, please review our clinical safety training courses. All courses are available online through Learn2Succeed with select courses available in a classroom environment. Directions on how to use Learn2Succeed for online training can be found below.

Initial Laboratory & Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Training

This course is available in a classroom format as well as online.  Federal and State Law ( Texas Hazard Communication Standard TH&S Code 502.009); OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29 CFR 1910.1030 ) require that all employees who work with hazardous chemicals or potentially infectious biological agents attend hazard communication class. Personnel working with hazardous chemical agents are required to attend training class prior to working in the laboratory. Personnel working with biological agents are required to attend a training class within 30 days. In addition to providing useful information regarding exposure to hazardous substances and biological agents, the training classes offer very useful information regarding how to obtain SDS, how to dispose of hazardous wastes, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Annual Lab and Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher Training

This training is available online only and will provide a brief refresher on the critical elements of laboratory safety and also fulfill the annual bloodborne pathogens training requirement.  Principle investigators and laboratory personnel working in or overseeing a laboratory are required to complete this convenient on-line training.  Principal Investigators will be responsible for verifying that all laboratory personnel have completed the training as required by the UTHealth Chemical Safety Committee.  Environmental Health and Safety will be verifying the training is complete during the lab’s annual laboratory safety survey. 

Infectious Shipping Training - Required for those that use E-Ship Global

This course is available in a classroom format and is NOT available online. The transportation and shipment of biological materials is subjected to stringent regulatory controls. Individuals involved in the transportation and shipment of infectious substances must receive training on the applicable regulations and requirements before shipping such materials. EHS provides regular training sessions for those individuals requiring shipping training. Click here for the Infectious Substances Shipping training or call the Biological Safety Program at 713-500-8170 for questions or assistance with shipping.

Basic Radiation Safety Training - Required for those working with and storage of Radioactive Materials

This course is available in a classroom format through a virtual platform such as WebEx.  A preregistration to include attendee’s name, department, and e-mail address is needed for the WebEx invitation.This one time course is required for those employee's who work with Radioactive materials.  This is an 6-hour course that meets over 2 days and attending both days are required for completion.  Click here for more information about the course. 

To preregister, please contact the Radiation Safety Program at 713-500-5840 or e-mail attendee’s name, department, and e-mail address.

Available formats for Safety training

Initial Laboratory & Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Training Available every Monday at 1:15 pm at UCT 1505C or Online

Annual Lab and Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher Training

Available Online only

Infectious Shipping Training

Available Classroom only. Infectious Shipping schedule here
Basic Radiation Safety Training Available Classroom only. Basic Radiation Safety schedule here

Use the following steps to use Learn2Succeed to complete safety training

Please go to UTHealth Learn2Succeed
On the left hand side at the bottom, under Find Learning search field, as an example type “Initial Laboratory”:

L2S Menu 

Select “Initial Laboratory and Bloodborne Pathogen Safety Training”, link, as shown below:

Search results

On the right hand side of the dialog box, “+ Register for this Learning Plan”

register for learning plan

Then, select the “HOME”  at the top and in the center of your screen.

Home Screen

Under “My Tasks” at the bottom of this page, click on the appropriate training link and complete this training; once you are done with this training, you may View/Print Certificate of Completion:

My Tasks

If you have any questions regarding our online training courses please contact Stephen David @ 713-500-5858 or our main office @ 713-500-8100.