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Occupational Health Program

The Occupational Health Program is a clinical services agreement with the UTHealth School of Nursing under the medical direction of an occupational health physician. The Occupational Health program id operated out of the UT Health Services clinic and provides three main services:

  1. New employee health screening, and ongoing health surveillance of designated worker populations
  2. Provide quality and compassionate care and management of employees experiencing workplace injuries or exposures; and
  3. Monitoring community-based public health information for emerging disease issues

The Occupational Health Program is directed by a board certified occupational health nurse and hosts four staff members in full and part-time capacities.

Hours of operation Monday-Friday 7 am to 4 pm
Employee Health 713-500-3267
For Emergencies, Dial UT Police Dispatch 713-792-2890 or 911

New location for Employee Health
New Home for UT Health Services

For 30 years UT Health Services has served the employees of UTHealth Houston at University Center Tower 16th floor.  In 2022, UT Health Services opened at its new location in UT Professional Building, Suite 100.  The new location provides convenient parking to employees who may need to receive Occupational Health Program services.  The clinic is accessible via the UT Professional Building garage, valet parking, and METRORail on the Fannin St side of the UT Professional Building.

What services are provided to UTHealth Houston employees? 

Pre-placement employee screenings
TB testing
Laboratory testing at hire
Fitness-for-duty exams
Workplace exposure evaluation
Workplace injury evaluation and return-to-work exams
Workers' compensation and follow-up
Bloodborne pathogens exposure evaluation and follow-up care
COVID-19 testing and return-to-work recommendations
Annual wellness exams
Acute care evaluation and treatment
Chronic illness screening, evaluation, and management

Contact information

UTHealth Services

UT Professional Building
6410 Fannin, Ste 100
Houston, TX 77030

Hours of operation Monday-Friday 7 am to 4 pm

Occupational Health Related Policies

Several Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOOP) policies related to employee health, including

In addition, a specific policy exists for individuals working with animals inclusive of the Institutional Risk Assessments for these workers:

Other policy guidance can be found in the hazard specific safety manuals.

Occupational Health Program Enrollment Process

A subset of the UTHealth employee population is automatically enrolled in the occupation health program based on a series of risk assessments (documented further below). These include:

  • Health care settings with patient exposure
  • Laboratory personnel with animal exposures, or exposures to other high risk hazardous agents
  • Facilities, Planning, and Engineering
  • Animal care workers
  • Environmental Health & Safety

Employees enrolled in the annual surveillance program will receive notification when the annual surveillance activity is undertaken, typically each December.

For workers in clinical settings with patient exposures, the occupational health program is largely limited to TB screening test and a rapid assessment regarding other workplace exposure risks. This includes respiratory protection, and the associated fit testing, where necessary. Workers in clinical settings with patient exposures are tracked in a database regarding the time frame for their annual testing and are contacted directly by representatives from UT Health Services.

For job titles and work activities that dictate the need for annual occupational health surveillance, an annual event called the “Health Fair” is held, typically in December each year, that provides “one stop shopping” for annual clinical tests and necessary refresher safety training. When notified that the annual health fair is to occur, workers are asked to complete the following form:

Employees should complete this form before starting their work activities and should update it if there are any changes in health status or if their workplace exposures change.  This information is reviewed by qualified Occupational Health Program staff and any follow up assessments are scheduled directly with the employee.

International Travel Health Information

The Occupational Health Program provides assistance to employees who may travel internationally for work purposes. Some useful international travel resources include:


CDC Travelers' Health webpage: Click here for information regarding necessary immunizations for various international locations

For information on obtaining immunizations, contact UT Health Services at 713 500 3267.


US Department of State - Travel Advisories webpage: Click here for information regarding the security status of the country of your destination.

On Call International Insurance for Travelers on University Business
On Call International is a 24/7 emergency assistance provider with an international network of medical and security professionals available any time to assist you. They can offer advice, connect you with resources, and work with you to make sure you receive the care and support you need both before and during University sponsored international travel. Services are available at no cost to individuals on official university business.

For New Employees

Human Resources Pre-employment website

All new hires at UTHealth are required to complete the following Occupational Health forms:

This form is used for all new UT Health employees, in addition to Visiting Scientist or Visiting Student Trainee who has “No Stated Duration” of their visit. It is also used for professional or pre-baccalaureate trainee, visiting scientist/student trainee (not UT employees) who will have Direct Patient Care, or those who will work with children.

Completed forms must be delivered by the new employee to the UT Health Services clinic, located at UTPB Suite 100.

Employees are encouraged to provide copies of records of previous immunizations and laboratory results of antibody tests along with these forms.

Additional Occupational Health Program forms are necessary for new employees working in the following settings:

  • Health care settings with patient exposure
  • Laboratory personnel with animal exposures, or exposures to other high risk hazardous agents
  • Facilities, Planning, and Engineering
  • Animal care workers
  • Environmental Health & Safety

The forms associated with these work settings include:

For those employees considered to be at risk for possible exposure to tuberculosis (TB), screening is offered free of charge.

T Spot blood test can be drawn for TB screening.

If you have a previous history of TB, or have had a previous positive TB skin test and/or blood test, you may be excused from the test and a chest x-ray will be required free of charge.

If you have had a TB skin and/or blood test 6 months prior to employment and can provide the written documentation (with results in millimeter of induration, in the case of a TB skin test), you may be excused from the testing.

If you have had a previous positive TB skin or blood test and have had a chest x-ray 12 months prior to employment and can provide the written documentation, you may be excused from the testing.

A previous BCG test is not an exemption from TB skin testing.

Any immunizations needed for your position at UTHealth will be provided free of charge.

Reporting Employee Injuries or Exposures

Local and State Public Health Information

For the latest information regarding the incidence and prevalence of diseases in the City of Houston, Harris County, and the State of Texas, visit these information resources: