Radiation Safety Program

The Radiation Safety Program provides comprehensive health physics support service to The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston community. 

The radiation safety mission is to assist in maintaining safe and healthy settings for research and clinical activities. The program fulfills this mission by assisting the institution's Radiation Safety Committee, performing routine laboratory and clinical inspections of radioactive material, x-ray and laser use, providing personnel, area and environmental monitoring, and responding to emergency situations.

Please feel free to contact us at 713-500-5840 if we may be of assistance or if you have any safety concerns to be addressed.

 Monthly Reminder of Contamination Wipe Test

  • Document contamination wipe tests monthly
  • If ONLY STORING radiation this month, document wipe test of storage area
  • If NOT USING OR STORING radiation this month, write on wipe test form
    "No use or storage for ______month"
Monthly Wipe Test

Emergency Response

Chemical, Radioactive, Biological Spills
Emergency Contact Numbers
Radioactive Emergency Response Procedures

Radiation Safety Guidelines, Forms, and Manuals

Radioactive Material Ordering Guide (Peoplesoft)
NEW Radiation Materials Request Form (Excel Doc) RADMAT replacement 

Notice to Employees
Radioactive Material or General Radiation Producing Machine Use
Dental X-ray Machines

Primary Investigator Forms
Application for Non-Human Use of Radioactive Material RS-01A (one per radionuclide)
Training, Experience, Laboratory Staff, and Equipment RS-01B
Application for RAM Use in Animals RS-07 (Word document)
Radioactive Materials Authorization Amendment Form
Application for HUMAN USE of Radioactive Material RS-12 (Word document) 

Radioactive Material Worker Forms
Radiation Safety Training and Experience Form RS-02
UTHealth Dosimetry Service Agreement and Exposure History Form RS-03 (PDF)
UTP Dosimetry Service Request Form RS-03 (PDF)
Memorial Hermann Hospital Dosimetry Service Request Form RS-03 (PDF)
Laboratory Wipe Test Report for Radioactive Materials RS-08 (Word document)

Radiation Safety Manual

Useful Radiation Safety Links

Online Regulations - Radiation Control, Texas Department of State Health Services
"Ask the experts" - Health Physics Society (HPS)
Find local experts and vendors - South Texas Chapter - Health Physics Society (STC-HPS)

MP Bio-medicals
American Radio labeled Chemicals



Radiation Laboratory Safety Audits

Laboratory Surveillance Program
Removing Hazards for Maintenance Operations
Caution Radiation Stickers
Request to Add & Delete Labs Authorized for Radioactive Material Use
Signs and Lab Postings
Radioactive Material Inactive Status Explanation



Radiation Safety Training

Basic Radiation Safety Training **Required for Radioactive Material Users
Radiation Safety Awareness
Laser Safety Training
X-Ray Safety Training
Dental X-Ray Safety Training 
Radiation Safety Officer Course
Review of Select Radiation Safety Procedures at UTHealth
Wipe Test Procedures for Radiation Contamination
Resident and Fellow X-Ray Safety Training

General Radiation Safety

ALARA Program - Keeping doses As Low As Reasonably Achievable
Personal Radiation Dosimeters
Dosimeter Request Form for Memorial Hermann Hospital
Urine and thyroid bio-assays (radionuclides and radioiodines)
Portable Radiation Detectors
Liquid Scintillation Counters or Gamma Counters
Declared Pregnant Worker Program

Radioactive Waste

Alcove Locations
Radioactive waste disposal procedures

Radiation Safety Committee

Committee Membership
Committee Guidelines

Radiation Safety Staff

Janet Gutierrez

Janet Gutiérrez, DrPH, CHP, LMP
Safety Manager
Instructor, School of Public Health
CYF G.102

B.S. Radiological Health Engineering, Texas A&M University
M.S. Environmental Sciences, The University of Texas School of Public Health
Dr.PH. Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, The University of Texas School of Public Health


Danette Fennesy, Safety Specialist
Licensed Medical Physicist
CYF G.102

B.A., Biology, St. Mary’s University of San Antonio
Nuclear Medicine Program, Baylor College of Medicine

Alice Chu

Alice Chu, PhD, Safety Specialist
CYF G.102

B.S. Public Health, National Taiwan University
M.S. Environmental Health, National Taiwan University
Ph.D. Environmental Science, UTHealth School of Public Health

Shawn Sanketkumar

Sanketkumar “ Shawn” Shah, Safety Specialist
Licensed Radiologic Technologist, RT(R)(ARRT)
CYF G.102

B.S. Health Science, University of Houston Main Campus
Diagnostic Medical Radiography Program, Harris Health SMI

M DeLeon

Michelle DeLeon, PhD, Safety Specialist
CYF G.102

B.S. Chemistry, Baylor University
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Houston