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Safety, Health, Environment, and Risk Management

UT Physicians Safety Training

Online Training Documentation

Documentation of online training is obtained by taking a test once you've completed the presentation and your certificate will be sent to you by email.  After completing the test, a copy of that test will be emailed to EH&S.  We will review the test and will send you a certificate of completion via email.  You must make a 100% on the test.  If you have any questions regarding this online training please contact Stephen David @ 713.500.5858 or our main office @ 713.500.8100.

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As an employee of UTHealth, you are required to take a Basic Clinical Safety course if your job requires you to be in a lab or clinical space.  This course is only required once and is only good for one year.  A year after you have taken this course you will take Bloodborne Pathogens Training as your annual refresher training listed below. 




Annual Refresher Clinical Safety Training
You are required to take the UTP Annual Bloodborne Pathogens refresher training, listed to the right.  Annual refresher training is required for all personnel exposed to potentially infectious materials and bloodborne pathogens.

Medical Waste Shipping Training

Medical Waste Shipping Training

This training is required for any employees that load, unload, handle hazardous materials, prepare hazardous materials for Transportation, or sign waste transport manifest papers (Stericycle receipt).  If you sign the medical waste manifest you must have current training.  This training is good for 3 years.