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Chemical Protocol Review

Prior to using acutely toxic/physically dangerous chemical agents, Chemical Safety Committee approval must be obtained. These chemicals include those which are which are listed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) or the National Toxicology Program (NTP) as suspect or confirmed carcinogens, or toxicological/epidemiological studies have indicated that the chemical has reproduction, acute, and or reactive hazard(s). Exhibit physically dangerous characteristics such as explosive, pyrophoric, or poisonous. The principal investigator/laboratory supervisor is responsible for obtaining approval for use of these toxic chemical agents.

1) Determine if Chemical needs Chemical Safety Committee Review
Assessment to determine if you need Chemical Safety Committee Review. The Chemical Safety Program can also help you by calling (713) 500-5832.

Chemical Safety Committee Review Criteria (pdf)
Chemical Safety Committee Review Criteria-Flowchart (pdf)

2) Completion of the "Application for Use of Acutely Toxic/Physically Dangerous Chemicals"
If a chemical requires committee evaluation, then an "Application for the Use of Acutely Toxic/Physically Dangerous Chemicals" must be completed. This form can be completed in MS Word, printed out, and then submitted to the Chemical Safety Program. You can also print the MS Word form and complete it by hand. The instructions for completing this application can also be downloaded from the link below. Help with the application can be obtained by calling the Chemical Safety Program at (713) 500-5832.

Application for the Use of Acutely Toxic/Physically Dangerous Chemicals (doc)
Conditionally Exempt CSC List - 2018 (doc)

Download Instructions for completing "Application for the Use of Acutely Toxic/Physically Dangerous Chemicals"

Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) (doc)

3) Submission and Approval by the Chemical Safety Committee
Once the appropriate forms are completed they can be turned into the Chemical Safety Office (CYF G.102). The Chemical Safety Committee will evaluate the protocol and make the appropriate recommendations. The Chemical Safety Committee meets the third Thursday of every odd month. Deadline for submission is the second Thursday of the month prior to submission.