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Removing Hazards

Chemical Safety Program  500-5832 (24 hour EHS hotline)      
Facilities Building Services 500-FIXT (3498)
Biological Safety Program 500-8170    
Radiation Safety Program 500-5840
Hazardous Waste Disposal  500-5837 (automated voicemail hotline)

In many cases, routine operations may require maintenance in areas where hazardous chemicals, biological, or radioactive materials may be present. Consequently, it is important that these specific areas be free of any hazards prior to performing the operations. Typical areas include laboratories, laboratory fume hoods, cold rooms, and laboratory bench tops. Prior to allowing maintenance workers to conduct activities, you should remove any equipment or chemicals that can pose a threat to maintenance personnel.

What should I do if something needs to be repaired or replaced in my lab?
The first thing you should do is to call the Facilities Building Services hotline (713-500-FIXT) (3498).
A work order will then be generated and forwarded to the appropriate maintenance operations, or through remodeling services for large construction projects. If the problem is an emergency, repairs will be performed immediately.

When should I clear the area of any hazards that are present?
Please clear the area as soon as possible.  If you can't clear the area before the maintenance person arrives, please call the FIXIT hotline to let them know you need additional time.

What if I have biological/chemicals/radioactive waste present?
All hazardous chemicals should be moved to another location within the lab and stored in an appropriate manner.  If you need any assistance in moving or storing your chemicals, please contact the Chemical Safety Program office at 713-500-5832 and we will be glad to assist you. All hazardous waste can be disposed of by calling the Environmental Protection Program waste hotline 713-500-5837.  Please see the waste disposal procedures for additional instructions on the disposal of chemical waste.

What if I have been using radioactive materials in the area?
Remove all radioactive material and equipment. This includes the plastic backed absorbent material you may have on your work surface. You should also perform a wipe test of the area to insure there is no contamination present. For additional assistance, please call the Radiation Safety Program office 713-500-5840.

We can give you any additional information/instructions if needed. Just give us a call 500-5832.