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Red and Blue Pull Station

red and blue pull stations

Throughout UTHealth there are two different types of emergency pull stations, one colored red and one blue. The difference between these two devices goes beyond their color. The most common device is the red pull station, used to alert building occupants and the Houston Fire Department (HFD) in the event of a fire. The blue pull station, perhaps less well known, is used to alert the University of Texas Police Department (UTPD) when a situation requires police intervention.  Both types of devices are usually located near exits and are activated by lifting the cover and pulling on the handle.  The differences are described below should you need to use one of these pull stations someday.

Emergency Blue Phone List & Locations (excel)
Emergency Phones Map Campus Maps (pdf)
Emergency Phones Map Campus Housing (pdf)

red pull station
  • Sends a signal to the building’s fire alarm panel
  • HFD responds to the site of the alarm
  • Activates audible and visual alarms in the area

blue pull station
  • Sends a silent signal to UTPD
  • UTPD responds to the site
  • No audible or visual alarms are activated
  • Not for use in case of fire