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Sponsored Projects Administration

It is important to close out grant accounts accurately and timely in order to ensure the timely and accurate submission of the Financial Status Report to the funding agency. Therefore, to close out the grant account, it is absolutely essential to:

Maximize the use of funds, making sure all award money is spent appropriately.
Ensure the efficient, effective and timely submission of the Financial Status Report to the funding agency.


To Manage the End of the Grant Account Efficiently and Effectively begin work on the following task:

HOW TO CLOSE FUND 5000 & 50032 (Federal Funds from PHS)

The PAF team reconciles the U.S. Public Health Service funds quarterly with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). A “Fund 50000/50032” grant stays active on the Federal Payment Management System Report until the DHHS closes it. This can be as much as fifteen (15) months after the grant termination date. During this period, the status of the account will be reflected as “Closed” on the Project Tab of the UTH Grants panels in FMS.

When DHHS closes the grant, PAF changes the Status from “Active” to “Inactive” in the Grants Panels by checking the “Closed” box on the Project Tab of the Grants Panels.


If there are residual funds in these types of accounts, and the funding documentation indicates that the funds vest with UTHealth, then these residual funds can be closed out to a contract residual account. You can retrieve the "Contract Residual Closeout Form" from the SPA "Forms & Templates" website in the "Post Award" section.

Transfers and relinquishments / PI is leaving the university

Please send a notification email to Carmen Martinez in SPA Pre-Award as soon you know that a PI is leaving the university.

The SPA "Transfer" procedures page on our website has more details on transfers and relinquishments..