Sponsored Projects Administration

To minimize the need for budget revisions, know the guidelines for the award. These guidelines may be found in any of the following places:

  • The Notice of Grant Award (NGA).
  • The agency’s website.
  • The UTH Grants panels in FMS, in either the Attributes or Miscellaneous Note sections.
  • The PAF team website.

In FMS, click on the blue “Attributes” hyperlink in the UTH Grants panels. This will open a new window which may list re-budgeting rules for the project. Examples of re-budgeting rules include:

  • No equipment allowed.
  • Per line item limits.
  • No PI salary allowed.
  • Total re-budgeting percent limits.

Check the Miscellaneous Note section of the UTH Grants panels of PeopleSoft FMS.

To expedite a budget revision when one is necessary, be sure to include a good explanation why the Budget Revision is needed.

Pay particular attention to the following expense items:

FMS Budget Pool
FMS Expense Account Code
What to Pay Attention to
61007 67121 Foreign Travel Follow UTHealth Prior Approval process. Include name of traveler, destination, dates, and how the trip benefits the project
61009 Various Equipment Equipment must be essential, allocable and reasonable.

All Other Funds: Follow the Agency’s specific requirements.
61012 69651 Pt. Care Costs - Restricted - No IDC Make sure there are the appropriate Human Subject assurances. If the grant is NOT under Federal Demonstration Project (FDP) or Expanded Authority (EA), prior approval by the funding agency is required. If, however, the grant IS under FDP or EA, prior approval by the funding agency is required only if there is a change in scope.
61014 69759
Subcontract Expense When moving money out, make sure the money isn’t committed to a subcontract. If moving money in, follow the Agency’s specific procedures for establishing a subcontract.
61015 69901 Indirect Costs For awards that allow re-budgeting between direct and indirect costs, it is important to make sure that when re-budgeting direct costs between categories that recover IDC and those that don’t, to re-budget into pool 61015 accordingly.
61017   Restricted - External Agency Generally, this is money left over from prior budget periods and is therefore restricted. Agency approval is required to use these funds.
61018   Restricted - Internal UTHealth Generally, this is money that was either awarded in error, or for which there is a problem with the budget that was submitted with the application. PAF Team has restricted the funds until the problem is resolved.