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Sponsored Projects Administration


Sponsored Projects Administration

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SPA Signing Authority
Back Up for all areas: Kathy Kreidler

Carmen Martinez; Tiffany Sagers

Kristin Parks

Vitoria Briscoe

Kathy Kreidler; Valerie Bomben

Kathy Kreidler;

Addgene/DB Gap (Carmen M)


Affiliation/Program Agreements O
All Grant Proposal & Awards (includes cooperative agreements) O
Architectural/Engineering Contracts O
Clinical Trial Agreement(non-grant/non FDP) O
Collaboration O
Construction Contracts
Consultant Agreements O (grant-related) O (Revenue) O (Non- Revenue)
Copyright Agreements O
Cost Transfers O
Coverage Analysis/Budget O
Data Use (in & out) O
Effort Reporting O
Equipment Agreement O (Lease)
Faculty Recruitment Awards O (Award) O (Proposal)
Fee for Service O
Financial Reporting O
Government Projects Agreements (state, local, federal)

O (non-grant agreement)

Grants Agreements (Kathy K) O

Instructional Training / Fellowships Contracts (Kathy K) O O (clinical) O  
International Agreement of Cooperation O
International Program Agreements O
Lab Study/Lab Testing Agreements O
Licensing Agreements O
Limited Nominations



O (Internal Review)
Master Agreement   O (industry) O (investigator initiated) O
Material Transfer Agreement O
Patents O
Purchase Orders for Goods/Services O
Salary Reimbursement O  
Service Agreements   O
Site Agreements, Clinical Trials O
Sponsored Projects Performance Reporting O
Sponsored Research Agreement O
Subcontract In O (FDP) O (STTR/SBIR)
subcontract Out O
System Access O
Transfer In O
Transfer Out


(Relinquishment Statement)

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HOOP 64 - Applications or Proposals for Sponsored Projects:

Sponsored project contracts and/or sponsored project grant applications may not be submitted by a university employee (faculty, staff, administrative and professional), student, or resident through any route other than SPA.  

Applications or Proposals are required to be submitted to SPA for review and approval at least 10 days prior to the funding agency's deadline

HOOP 124 - Authority to Execute Contracts and Make Purchases:

Only university employees expressly authorized in writing by the President may enter into or sign contracts or agreements, either oral or written, on behalf of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("university”).