Sponsored Projects Administration

Contracts may be extended upon mutual agreement between the parties by the establishment of an amendment that specifies the new end date of the period of performance.


The department or the sponsor will provide an amendment to SPA that extends the period of performance. SPA will negotiate the legal terms and conditions of the amendment with the sponsor.


  • Submit Word version of Contract to SPA by emailing it to crf@uth.tmc.edu
  • Submit current IRB approval letter to SPA, if applicable
  • Route the final agreement for PI signature - submit to SPA.


  • Negotiate legal terms of the agreement with collaborator on behalf of the PI and the university.
  • Obtain PI Read and Understood approval (either signature or electronic approval)
  • Route the final agreement with PI signature, if applicable, for institutional signatory to sign
  • SPA will send to collaborator for full execution
  • SPA will assure PI has a copy of fully executed agreement and will retain a copy for institutional record.
  • Initiate process with Post Award Finance to extend the period of the financial account for the study.