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Sponsored Projects Administration


SPA offers a variety of its forms, templates, and worksheets, in PDF and Excel format. In order to read, print, search, and fill-in PDF forms, you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

Forms must be downloaded in order to save them. To do so, right-click the link, click "Save Target As...", then choose the destination on your computer.

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  • Cost Transfer Request Used by departments to transfer expenses onto or off of a sponsored project.  (Guidance is provided on the form for backup support.)
  • Contract Residual Closeout Form Used to request the closure of grants and contracts when funds vest with UT. (Rename and save the PDF form to your hard drive, complete and forward within your department for approval. Return to PAF when completed.) Clinical Closeout requests should not use this form.
  • Gift Card Reimbursement Form Include with the non-po voucher documentation when requesting reimbursement of gift cards purchased.
  • Modular Grant Information Use when preparing modular grant budgets.
  • Person Months Conversion Chart Use to convert % to person months
  • Program Income Setup Request Form
  • Relinquishing of Grants Procedures for departments and PAF to follow when a PI relinquishes a project.
  • Salary Cap Worksheet (For both NIH & CPRIT) Accompanies PA's with federal grants that are subject to the federal Salary Cap.
  • Split Account Request Template Used to add an additional sub-project to a main project.
  • SPA does not approve split accounts for just salary of another investigator. Split accounts are done when:
    • There are at least two schools, or
    • It is multi-PI between two departments, or
    • The funding for the second account includes: > 20% salary/effort of the investigator, additional personnel expenses, or non-personnel expenses in addition to the salary.
  • Stipend Payments Guidance for departments to use when submitting stipends on a project.
  • Subcontractor Tracking Form Used to monitor subcontractor invoices receipt and payment. Departments can optionally use the form.