Sponsored Projects Administration

For more information on Welch Foundation grant policy, visit the Welch Foundation web page.


NOTE:  All reports submitted require Institutional countersignature. Submit all reports to the PAF Team to ensure all necessary documents/signatures are obtained as required.


Expense Category Expense Category
Alterations & Renovations No Patient Cares No
Books Allowable, if for project Patient Transportation No
Subscriptions Allowable, if for project Payment of Human Subjects No
Salary/Fringe, PI & CoPI Yes Personnel Recruitment No
Salary/Fringe Administrative Yes Postage Allowable, if for project
Computers No Publication Costs Yes
Consultative Services Allowable, if for project Receptions & Meals No
Equipment Yes, if project related & identified as item costing $1,500 or greater Scientific Meetings Abroad No
Expenses Obtaining Visa No Service Contracts Yes
Indirect Costs No Supplies Yes
Utilities No Telephone- Long Distance Yes, if for project
Malpractice Insurance No Travel- Domestic Limited to $1,500 per year
Membership Dues Allowable, if for project Travel- Foreign Yes
Office Furniture No Tuition & Fees Yes
Parking Fees No Uniforms/ Apparel No No
Must justify re-budgeting more than $5k between categories