Sponsored Projects Administration

State funds are appropriated by the State Legislature and their allocation and expense allowability is guided by the appropriation’s bill. These funds fall under Fund 40000 in FMS.

 The link listed below should provide some basic guidelines regarding these funds:


Funds are awarded for the Advanced Research Program. These funds are under Fund 41000 in FMS.

 General terms and conditions:

  • Over the grant’s life, no more than $2,000 may be moved out of student support.
  • Over the grant’s life, no more than a cumulative total of $10,000 may be moved across budget categories (personnel, permanent equipment, travel, direct other costs).
  • The agency must be notified of any rebudgeting. Approval is required for amounts over the $10,000 lifetime rebudgeting.
  • No equipment may be purchased after August 31 in the closing year of the award without agency approval.


Funds are awarded for telecommunication programs. These funds are under Fund 53013 in FMS.

 General terms and conditions:

  • Expenses must follow the approved budget.
  • Check the Attributes section of the UTH Grants panels in FMS for information about re-budgeting.


This includes contracts between state agencies that does not involve any federal money. Such contracts are with MD Anderson in Fund 53025 in FMS, the Texas Department of Health in Fund 53012, and a number of others.

General terms and conditions:

  • Expenses should follow contract guidelines.
  • Check the Attributes section of the UTH Grants panels in FMS for information about re-budgeting.


CPRIT grants are state funds from the state agency created when voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2007 establishing the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) and authorized the state to issue $3 billion in bonds to fund groundbreaking cancer research and prevention programs and services in Texas. CPRIT’s goal is to expedite innovation and commercialization in the area of cancer research and to enhance access to evidence-based prevention programs and services throughout the state. All CPRIT-funded research will be conducted in state by Texas-based scientists and reflect CPRIT’s mission to attract and expand the state’s research capabilities and create high quality new jobs in Texas.

General Guidelines:

  • Carry-forward for all awards require agency approval starting in Year 02.All budget modifications must be submitted to CPRIT. If the transfer is less than 10% of the total award we can approve it locally but CPRIT will need to update their budgets. Send all budget modifications to PAF for review and submission.
  • Financial reports are for expenses only. If an invoice that belongs in Year 01 is paid after the budget period has ended it will be included in the Year 02 report. Accruals and encumbrances will not be reflected on financial reports. This makes it very important to get expenses processed as soon as possible.
  • Salary cap of $200,000 is applied to all CPRIT awards.

See the CPRIT Grants Policies Guide


CPRIT Frequently Asked Questions


Expense Category State Funds Designated Funds
Alterations & renovations Yes Yes
Books Yes Yes
Computers Yes Yes
Consultative services Yes Yes
Equipment Yes Yes
Expenses obtaining visa No Yes
Indirect costs No No
Malpractice insurance No Yes
Membership dues No Yes
Office furniture Yes Yes
Parking fees Yes (Non- contract) Yes
Patient care No No
Patient transportation No No
Payment of human subjects No No
Personnel recruitment Yes Yes
Postage Yes Yes
Publication costs Yes Yes
Receptions & meals No Yes
Salary/fringe administrative Yes (Salary Only) Yes
Salary/fringe Co-PI Yes (Salary Only) Yes
Salary/fringe PI Yes (Salary Only) Yes
Sales tax – State of Texas No Yes
Sales tax – other states Yes Yes
Scientific meetings abroad No Yes
Service contracts Yes Yes
Subscriptions Yes Yes
Supplies Yes Yes
Telephone--long distance Yes Yes
Travel-domestic No Yes
Travel-foreign No Yes
Tuition & fees Yes (Non-UTHealth tuition & fees only) Yes
Uniforms/apparel No Yes
Utilities Yes Yes