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Sponsored Projects Administration


Please send a notification email Carmen Martinez in SPA Pre-Award as soon you know that a PI is leaving the university.

In accordance with NIH Policy, NIH prior approval is required for the transfer of the legal and administrative responsibility for a grant-supported project or activity from one institution to another before the expiration of the approved project period (competitive segment). A change of grantee organization may be accomplished under most NIH grants, including construction grants, if any of the following conditions are met:

A change of grantee request submitted to NIH will normally be permitted only when all of the permanent benefits attributable to the original grant can be transferred, including equipment purchased in whole or in part with grant funds. In reviewing a request to transfer a grant, NIH will consider whether there is a continued need for the grant-supported project or activity and the impact of any proposed changes in the scope of the project.

The transfer process can range from a sixty (60) days to several months. To expedite this process ensure that:

NIH requires a relinquishing package from the original institution and a transfer application from the proposed grantee. The PI should notify their NIH Grants Management Officer and inquire about any additional information that should be included in the transfer application.


A change of grantee organization request must be made before the anticipated start date at the new organization and preferably several months in advance.

 Please send a notification email to Carmen Martinez in SPA Pre-Award as soon you know that a PI is requesting a relinquishment of a grant.

 Failure to provide timely notification may result in disapproval of the request or significant delays in processing.

There are detailed step-by-step procedures to relinquishing a grant that SPA (Sponsored Project Administration) will assist you with.

A request for a change of grantee organization must be submitted to the GMO and should include:


The PI/department should submit the transfer application to Pre-Award for review and approval. Allow approximately ten (10) business days for transfer application review. Transfer applications are submitted via using the Parent Funding Opportunity Announcement.

The following documents should be submitted to Pre-Award prior to submission of transfer application to agency:

NIH may request additional information necessary to accomplish its review of the request. Acceptance of a relinquishing statement by NIH does not guarantee approval of a transfer application for the continued funding of a project.


NIH will accomplish a change of grantee organization by issuing a revised Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) to the original grantee, which will reflect the revised budget/project period end dates, deletion of any future-year support, and deobligation of remaining funds, if applicable. Any deobligation of funds will be based on the estimated grant expenditures through the relinquishment date, as determined from the relinquishing statement. Concurrently, the University will receive an NOGA reflecting the balance reported on the Relinquishing Statement or, if the change of grantee organization occurs on the anniversary date of the project, the NOGA to the University will reflect the direct cost level, plus applicable F&A costs, previously committed.


In order to limit retroactive personnel actions and cost transfers by allowing expenditures to be charged to the correct fund source, accounts may be set up for new and renewal projects prior to receiving official notification of the award. Schools/departments requesting early account set up do so at their own risk. If funding does not materialize after an account is set up, the expenses will be transferred to an eligible account. If effort reports have been certified, expenses may only be transferred to a departmental or discretionary account. Refer to the Guarantee Accounts page for more information.