Sponsored Projects Administration

The JIT feature of the eRA Commons is available for applications that meet established criteria and fall within a certain percentile or priority scoring range. The JIT feature allows an authorized signing official (ASO) to electronically submit additional grant application information when requested by the grantor agency. The additional information is requested after a peer review of a grant application has been completed and prior to funding. Requests may come in the form of eRA-system generated e-mails or contact made directly from the awarding agency via e-mail and/or phone. Upon automated notification of JIT request, SPA will reach out to PI/department contract to verify if JIT will plans to be submitted.

The PI/department is responsible for the initiation of the JIT submission by uploading the requested documents to the Commons and notifying Pre-award via email that the documents are ready for review and submission. JIT information should only be submitted when formally requested by NIH. Documents uploaded into the Commons without proper notification will not be processed.

eRA Commons Upload

To upload JIT documents into the Commons, follow the following steps:

  • Login to eRA Commons.
  • Select Status in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  • Select the JIT hyperlink on the right side of the screen corresponding to the application for which information is being submitted.
  • Upload Other Support as requested (file must be in PDF format).

If human or animals are being used in the project:

  • Enter the most recent IRB or IACUC approval date in the text box provided. All approvals must be current. If there is more than one IRB or IACUC approval, use the Other Upload function to include a PDF file with additional the information.
  • For projects involving human subjects, enter completed training information for all key personnel, including subcontractors, involved with the human subject’s portion of the project.
  • In order for Pre-award to validate dates, the IRB/IACUC actual approvals must be attached to the e-mail to Pre-award. Please note that approvals must be current, contain PI name and title of project.

When all uploads are complete, click Save at the bottom of the screen and select View Just In Time Report. Verify and print the report to keep with departmental records.

Once upload is complete contact the Sponsored Projects Administrator, who will send follow-up communication regarding any revisions or corrections. After proper review, the Pre-award Grants & Contracts Director will submit the information electronically.

Once submitted, the Commons will send an e-mail confirmation to the PI and to Pre-award.

Email Notification

In some instances, it is not possible to submit JIT materials using the eRA Commons, or the PI will receive specific instructions indicating to submit the JIT materials via email.

To submit JIT materials not being submitted using the eRA Commons, send an e-mail to the Sponsored Projects Specialist with the following information in the subject line: JIT, application number, PI name, and agency due date.

Attach one PDF file with documents arranged in the order expressed by the NIH official:  Human Subjects (IRB) or Animal (IACUC) approval(s), whichever is applicable, training certifications, and/or any other supporting documentation should be included. Also include in the body of the email to Pre-award any additional narratives providing status, justification or explanation requested by the sponsor.

If submitting a cover letter signed by the PI, include a line for concurrence by the Authorized Signing Official. Forward the PDF and the initial agency request that contains instructions and due date for submission. AOR will submit Just In Time information per instructions.