Sponsored Projects Administration


UTHealth START is an enterprise level, web-based application designed to execute & manage all sponsored project activity from start to finish.

The system comprises a suite of modules, each designed to manage a specific aspect of the research project cycle. Modules currently available for use at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston include:

  • System Navigation and Basic Functions. This document addresses system navigation and functionality that is common throughout all modules. You will need to use this document in tandem with the specific module training documents. 
  • SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network). SPIN is a searchable database that provides real-time access to current research funding opportunities. All data in SPIN is obtained directly from the sponsoring agencies themselves to ensure authenticity.
  • SMARTS (SPIN Matching and Research Transmittal Service). SMARTS is an automated system that periodically queries the SPIN database and sends notifications to investigators regarding available funding opportunities in their field of study.
  • Proposal Development (PD). This module is used to develop, review, and submit research proposal applications for grants and contracts. By using this module, investigators can electronically route proposals through the University’s internal approval process and submit Federal proposals directly to the grants.gov web portal (System-to-System). 
  • Proposal Tracking (PT). This module acts as a central clearinghouse of both pre- and post-award information. It provides a single reference point for tracking all details related to proposals including: budgets, subcontracts, approvals, technical reports, and all associated communications.
  • Budgeting. This document details the budgeting process for proposals, grant awards and monetary agreements in the Proposal Development and Proposal Tracking modules of the START system. The budgets are built (proposed and awarded) in these modules and are confirmed in the Award Tracking module before it is published in Financial Tracking. 
  • Award Management (Department). Manage budget revisions, monitor sub-awards, and manage/track project deliverables. Automatically generate new grant accounts in institutional financial system based on final approved award budgets.
  • Financial Tracking (FT). Integral and fully integrated component of UTHealth START Post-Award. UTHealth START Financial Tracking automatically routs and matches Sponsor accounts to Institutional Financial Accounts using the sponsor rules and reporting requirements.  No intermediary software and no hours of manually connecting accounts.
  • Subawards (SA) This module expands functionality around individual subawards supporting generation of FDP or other institutional draft agreements via document merge functionality, tracking agreements and providing a window into the subrecipient institution data as well. Users can capture and store the SOW, LOI, Risk Assessment, and COI information for the Subawards.  Deliverables, Approvals, Risk Level, and Email communication with staff at the subrecipient institution can be tracked enhancing ability to collect biosketches or other documents from them.
  • Agreement (AG) This module expands on the agreements tracking capabilities in PT providing enhanced support for both financial and non-financial agreements that may not be related to a proposal record or may be related to more than one proposal record. Internal routing and workflow management can be utilized to track agreement progress as well as tracking related communications.
  • Clinical Trials -PD This module addresses how to submit a Clinical Trial Agreement for processing within the UTHealth START system. A “Clinical Trial Agreement” is a contract outlining the terms to conduct an industry sponsored study that involves the collection of clinical data. 


    To gain access to UTHealth START:

    Send an Account Access Form to systemsreporting@uth.tmc.edu 



    If an entity is not available in UTHealth Start, submit a Sponsor & Subcontract Request form to systemsreporting@uth.tmc.edu 

    Processing Time

    Please note that processing sponsor and subcontractor requests usually takes 2 - 3 business days, depending on the screening/verification process.

    While waiting for a new sponsor, you may select the "Default Sponsor" as a placeholder.

    However, for a new subcontractor, you must wait for the subcontractor profile to be set up before you can add the subcontractor and subcontract budget information to UTHealth START. Please plan accordingly.

    What can make processing take longer?

    Most commonly - though not an exclusively - the following features can cause screening an entity to take longer:

    • Incomplete Access Form
    • Foreign entity
    • Not much official / publicly available info
    • Entity is unresponsive/slow to respond


    All Delegate Requests Forms shall be submitted to systemsreporting@uth.tmc.edu

    UTHealth Start delegation feature allows you to assign delegates to act on your behalf or to access your records in UTHealth Start.

    • Delegates can be assigned view or edit privileges to records
    • Delegates can be granted signing authority for routing and approving proposals
    • Delegates can be granted signing authority for routing and approving proposals

    Users can delegate tasks/To Do Items to other UTHealth employees with one exception:

    Required approvals (“signatures”) cannot be delegated except to one level down (Dean’s to Associate Deans, Chairs to Vice Chairs, DMOs to Assistant DMO’s) 

    Other Information About Delegations 

    • My Messages: Allows delegate to view all your messages within the UTHealth Start My Messages email system 
    • Proposal Records:

      View: Allows delegate to view and report on all your proposal records in PD and PT

      Edit:  Allows delegate to upload proposal documents and complete forms for your proposals in PD 

    • Routing email notifications: Allows delegate to receive a cc of emails sent to you for proposal routing approvals
    • Signing Authority: Allows delegate to start the route on your behalf in cases where you are not able to start the route.