Sponsored Projects Administration

SPA has legal and fiduciary responsibilities to ensure that all University, sponsor, state, and federal regulations, laws, and policies are met. Therefore, and in accordance with HOOP 64, all proposal submissions seeking external support for research and other sponsored projects should be submitted to Pre-award for review and approval prior to submission.

In some cases a sponsoring agency does not require a formal proposal prior to issuing an award. However, even when institutional sign-off is not required by the sponsor, the proposal must still be routed to Pre-award for review and approval. Exceptions to this policy may include internal competitions.

  • Submitting a proposal application late or after-the-fact (ATF) will not circumvent a full review by the Grants & Contracts team.
  • Proposals submitted without Grants & Contracts team approval may be administratively withdrawn if the submission is found to be non-compliant with University policy or agency requirements.
  • UTHealth always reserves the right to request modification rejection of an award received when there is no approved proposal on file with Pre-award.

Guarantee Accounts will not be issued on ATF proposals. 


  • Notify your assigned Sponsored Projects Administrator as soon as possible.
  • Provide SPA with all documents related to the proposal submission, including cover and budget pages, representations and certifications, etc. These documents, along with a signed R&A form.
  • If the project has been funded, submit the above-listed documents, along with a copy of the award, any sponsored-related forms, and all related correspondence.
  • If there are subrecipients on the project, the Grants & Contracts team requires a copy of the subrecipient’s statement of work and budget, and a letter of intent on their institutional letterhead confirming their participation in the project.