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Sponsored Projects Administration

Effective July 1st, 2019 

Administrative Startup fee Central Invoicing Notes:

Process:  Flow chart Click Here 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. If I forget to include start up fees in the contract, will they be invoiced anyway?


No, we will not invoice for these services if they are not clearly defined in the contract.  It is the department’s responsibility to assess the costs to conduct the study and to ensure these costs are covered in the contracted budget. If you find that some of your costs are not covered, immediately contact the sponsor and request a contract amendment to amend the budget.

  1. Does CPHS include the IRB fees and the startup fees in one invoice?


No, CPHS will send two invoices within one email. One invoice for the IRB fees and one invoice for the startup fees.

  1. After the invoices for IRB fees and Startup fees have been sent to Sponsor, how long should I wait to follow up with sponsor?


Typically departments follow up monthly on invoices. However, each department has their own processes for follow up. Please check with your DMO or direct supervisor to learn departmental procedures. Payments usually arrive within 30-45 days from receipt of invoice.

  1. What items are included in the “Administrative Startup Fee” invoice?

Answer: Any tasks performed to prepare/make ready for conducting the study at UTHealth as outlined in the contract/budget.

Some examples of items that would be included are:

  1. How should I contact someone if I have questions or concerns about the IRB and/or start up invoice?

Answer:  Send an email to .

  1. Will record archiving and storage fees be included in the “Administrative Startup Fee” invoice?


Yes, it is best practice to collect these fees upfront. You may forget to invoice for these services later.

  1. Contracts vary in the way they are written. In some contracts all of the administrative start up activities may be listed out separately, but in other contracts they may be combined together in one sum. How will the central office note this on the invoice?
    • Example contract lists out all of the below items in the “One time Invoiceable” section of the contract
      • Administrative Startup fee          $6000.00
      • IRB submission preparation fee  $1000.00
      • Attend investigator meeting fee  $2000.00
      • EDC Training  activities fee         $1000.00
      • IDS Pharmacy set up fee             $2000.00
      • Archiving and Storage fee           $1500.00


All of the above will be listed as separate lined items within the Administrate Start up Invoice. Each lined item will be added together to create a grand total.  

  1. I understand the IRB fee will be debited from the project account 120 days after invoice is sent to sponsor. If there are not enough funds in the account to cover the IRB fee, will this create a negative balance?


Yes, although this is an unlikely scenario, the account associated with the study will be debited 120 days after the invoice was sent to sponsor. If there are not funds in the account, this will cause a negative balance.  Sponsors normally pay for services provided, however if a case arises in which you have not received payment for an invoice, please contact SPA. SPA/ CRF will help you to communicate with sponsor to uncover what underlying issues are causing the delayed payment(s). Contact SPA/CRF Team at   

  1. How do I make sure the person responsible for financial aspects of this study is included on the cc when the startup invoice is sent to sponsor?


All department personnel listed on the cc within the “PAF Notification for Account Setup” email chain will be included on the cc when the IRB &Start up invoices are sent to sponsor. You should let your SPA Contract Analyst know the name(s) of the person (s) to be included on the cc in the “PAF Notification for Account Setup” email string.

(The “PAF Notification for Account Setup” email chain is in reference to the email sting in which SPA/ Preaward sends the contract and all associated documents to SPA/Post Award Finance (PAF) via email and requests a new account set up. PAF builds the study- specific financial account in UTHealth’s financial management system (PeopleSoft FMS) and replies with the new account number.